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ciel: *turns around* what do bạn want?
kya: looks hurt* i just wanna say hi....
ciel: well...hi
kya: that it?
ciel: yes. pretty much
kya: kicks ciel* IDIOT!
ciel: grows angry* SEBASTIAN!
sebi-chan: what is it, lord?
Ciel: get that girl! right now!
sebi-chan: u mean, kya? why? she's a lovely girl....and i can see her soul is pure, too(smiles evelliy)
sebi-chan: i'm sorry, master. this girl is to special to be destroyed.
ciel: GRRRRR!!!!


kya: sebi!! please be my butler! (grabs sebastian bởi his arm)
kya: HE'S GONNA...
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One dark and blizarding night, on July 24th, a young woman was running through the snow and the harsh, cold wind. Lightning flashed and thunder rumbled, as if a storm was expected. The nearby ocean was churning up to the bờ biển with anger. The woman was carrying a small blue bundle. Looking at the bundle, it was a small baby, all cudled up and asleep in the woman's warm arms. A piercing shout was heard all around the area. The woman cocked her head up into the sky and yelled, "Ha! thêm beautiful than me, eh? We'll see! Your own daughter will pay for your incompitence!" She sprinted even further....
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When they got back to the barn, there was a boy waiting for them. The boy was fourteen, with spiky jet black hair and electric blue eyes. He was wearing a white winter parka over a black shirt, black pants, and gray winter boots. He had a sword strapped to his thắt lưng, vành đai and a chain.
"Where have bạn two been?" he asked. "Dad and Uncle had been searching for bạn everywhere"
"Sorry, Ace" Danzu smiled. "I took Kya out for a little demo flight with Moonbeam."Danzu explained. Ace sighed then smiled warmly. "At least bạn two got back here safely. We felt that chill again" "Me and Kya felt it too. I thought...
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