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I got bored and made this video so yeah enjoy the lameness
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It wasn’t a surprise when me and Kaden were almost struck bởi lightning AGAIN! Zeus was the god of the skies and he hated us. It wasn’t our fault our mom had a vengeful personality hoặc that Zeus couldn’t keep his pants up. I can never decide who has thêm blame but if they weren’t like this I wouldn’t be alive. I was the only one of Apollo’s kids to have the sun power which meant I warmed up faster so I easily dried after me and Kaden jumped in the lake to avoid the lightning. But Kaden was still soaked to the bone and somehow his black hair and dark blue eyes seemed darker making...
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As everyone knows Hades is the son of Kronos and brother to Zeus and Posiedon. But what not many people know is that he had many children with his wife Percephone- Daughter of Demeter. The reason to them not being recognised is because many of them were killed bởi the other gods (mainly Demeter). Although one child of Hades was spared bởi Demeter and the others because of her range of power. The girls name is Ashla and she proves to all of the gods of Olympus that 1.) A child of Hades isn't bad. 2.) That people can like her even after they learn of her father and 3.) That Ashla is the most powerful...
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Grettings rabid readers! Rita Skeeter here reporting to bạn live from the trang chủ of iluvPrinceMJ213 tác giả of the upcoming Fanfic. (title not realeased)

So what inspired bạn to write such an adventurous Fanfic?
I guess it was đọc Percy Jackson and listening to my friend, HarryPotter_1, ramble on and on about the stories.
Can bạn give us the names of a couple of characters?
There's Ashla, Keaira, Damon, and many more, but I don't want to spoil
How long until it's out?
I really can't say. I guess as long as it takes me to finish nghề viết văn it.

The longer we tlk the thêm interesting I find her....
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