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NikaDawson posted on May 05, 2008 at 09:19AM
Alright, here are the rules. You list your top twelve favorite Buffyverse and Angel characters. And you answer the questions below however you want.

1. One and Seven are married when a de-aged Three comes to live with them. How do they cope? Can they handle it or does Three drive them insane?

2.Ten and Four are both in love with Six. Who does Six pick?

3.Two finds nude pictures of Five. What does he/she do with the pictures?

4.Eleven finds out he/she is pregnant. Eight is the father. How does Eight react?

5.Six is transporteed to an alternate universe where he/she is married to Nine. Is this good news or bad?

6.Twelve and One have sex under the influence of sex pollen, but afterwards, find out they have a mental link that can't be broken. Do they make the most of it? How do they react?

7.Two and Eleven are involved in a body switch. How do they react? Is it an experience that brings them closer?

8.Seven and Eight are in a relationship when Three makes it clear he/she wants a threesome. Do Seven and Eight give Three what they want?

9. Twelve and Ten are guests on the Dr. Phil Show. What issues do they discuss? Does Dr. Phil declare them crazy?

10.Nine and Six get lost in the woods for a night. Do they fight or have sex?

11. Four is a hooker. Twelve is the pimp. Four wants to runaway with Seven. What does twelve do?

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hơn một năm qua NikaDawson said…
1. Spike
2. Willow
3. Illyria
4. Oz
5. Drusilla
6. Cordelia
7. Anya
9 Faith
10. Angelus
11. Darla
12. Fred

1. Spike and Anya married, hmm, guess Anya made Spike eloped with her after their one night stand to piss Xander off, lol. I deaged Illyria, wow, that would be interesting, a child Illyria. I think she would drive them up a wall.

2. Angelus and Oz are both in love with Cordelia? Oh Cordelia would go for Angelus, he's still mostly her Angel.

3. Willow finds nude pictures of Drusilla? She would perv on them and hope that neither Tara nor Spike catches her with them.

4. Darla is pregnant, and Wesley is the father? Wesley would faint, wonder if he was stuck in a nightmare, and decide it was all a product of his imagination.

5. Cordelia married to Faith, that would be a volatile marriage. For Cordelia, very bad news, as she hates Faith and doesn't swing that way, lol.

6. Fred and Spike I think would make the most of it. They'd be horrified at first, but they are friends and I think they'd grow to adapt to it.

7. Willow and Darla body switching. Darla would think it was fun, and wreck havoc on the other scoobies, and Willow would be pouring through spell books trying to get it reversed. It would not make them close at all.

8. Anya and Wesley would not have sex with Illyria. Anya would, but Wesley would not get over it being Fred's body.

9. Angelus would discuss the soul, his vampiric nature. Fred her time in Pylea. Dr. Phil would think they were both nuts and want them commited.

10. They would fight. I can see fists flying now.

11. Oz as a hooker, Fred as a pimp, lol. I think Fred would just let him run away with Anya.
hơn một năm qua ArabellaElfie said…
Ok, well I did this without looking at what numbers interacted with what other numbers (which, now that I’ve done the question brought about some very, very strange concepts) and these are in no order (more of less who I thought of first) so here we go;

1. Spike
2. Fred
3. Wesley
4. Cordy
5. Willow
6. Dru
7. Angelus
8. Anya
9. Andrew (I have no idea why)
10. Illyria
11. Lilah

1. Spike and Angelus are married and have a young Wesley. Angelus tires of the young prim and proper English boy and promptly drains him and then works on using the viscera for decoration. Spike is out for a smoke.

2. Illyria and Cordy are both in love with Dru. Dru picks Illyria because she is a pretty blue fairy with a nasty bite like daddy and Cordy has been a naughty girl playing with what belongs to Princess. (Wow, that was disturbing)

3. Fred finds nude pictures of Willow. Fred thinks that Willow has the wrong idea but then again she has been in demon dimensions so who know, maybe it’s worth a shot.

4. Lilah is pregnant by Anya (I should have planned this numbers out but this is getting too interesting). Anya insists that Vengeance Demon anatomy is different than that of a regular woman and asks if this will interfere with future orgasm planning and inquires about the gift giving ceremonies that accompany a birth. Lilah and Anya also inquire into trading the children into Wolfram and Hart for more money and the removal of Lindsay.

5. Dru is transported to an alternate universe where she is married to Andrew. Dru enjoys her new toy but Andrew is thoroughly angry. First, he thought, Spike would somehow be involved in this union, and secondly this universe has no knowledge of Star Wars and Sean Connery is the only Bond.

6. Lorne and Spike have sex under the influence of sex pollen and now have a mental link. Betta George is now removed from Spike: Asylum, Spike blames the great big Poof for the pollen, after many hours of shared thoughts ranging from Buffy to Broadway they decide to go to the bar and just get drunk.

7. Fred and Lilah have a body switch. Lilah, as Fred, sets “Lilah” up and has her disposed of by Angel and company, quickly shacking up with Wesley.

8. Angelus and Anya are involved when Wes asks for a threesome. Anya agrees quickly because of the many orgasms that she can have with more than one man available. Angeuls ponders this and asks if it will make him a deviant to which Anya says adds a layer of kinky goodness. They agree to it but Wesley isn’t seen again.

9. Lorne and Illyria are guest on the Dr. Phil show, Illyria refuses to discuss things with pitiful mortals who are only weaklings meant to be crushed and thrown to the wind. Lorne begins to apologize for Illyria, saying how she’s just misunderstood when Illyria gives him a death glare. The audience goes silent and we go to a commercial. Upon return Dr. Phil is somehow missing.
10. Andrew and Dru get lost in the woods, Dru begins to talk to the stars and Andrew tells her the story of a galaxy far, far, away. Lost for days Dru finally eats Andrew.

11. Cordy is a hooker, working for Lorne and she wants to runaway with Angelus. Lorne gives them his best wishes, adds them to his Christmas card list, and sends them a fruit basket.

That was interesting.