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The episode begins with Darwin and Sussie sitting tiếp theo to each other on the school bus. As usual, Sussie is being annoying, this time bởi loudly commanding Darwin to look at every single thing she sees. Darwin is growing uncomfortable bởi this situation, but is too embarrassed to say anything to Sussie, so he asks Gumball for help. Gumball simply mocks him for not having the guts to tell her to quit being so loud, but then just yells "Shut up!" but Sussie does thêm annoying outbursts, Gumball simply asks her to be a bit quieter, and she happily obliges. Darwin is awestruck bởi this, and thanks...
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The episode begins with Gumball announcing to Darwin his latest creation; "the grossest thing ever." A jar filled with many gross things like bird feces and throw up. Darwin asks if he's sure his Tap Dancing cá heo impression still holds up to which, Gumball bluntly explains "no." While they discuss what they are going to do with the jar Richard mistakes it for his coffee cup, which he grabs and throws it into the microwave. Gumball and Darwin agree to nuke it, to their convenience of the jar already being heated up in the microwave.
As it starts to burn an 'eye' forms in the muck of the jar....
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Gumball, Darwin, and Richard are sitting at the dining table. Gumball and Darwin are eating cereal, while Richard is đọc the newspaper. Gumball asks Richard to pass the sugar, but Richard giggles and passes him salt instead. Gumball sprinkles the salt onto his cereal, thinking it's sugar. After having a spoonful, he spits it out at Darwin. Darwin, also thinking it's sugar, sprinkled thêm salt onto Gumball's cereal. Gumball takes another spoonful of the cereal and promptly spits it at Darwin again. When he finishes, Darwin tastes some of the vomit and finds out it was salt that they sprinkled...
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part 1(USA):The episode starts off with Gumball and Darwin yelling. Then, Miss Simian tells Gumball and Darwin to hurry up and take a shower, but Gumball and Darwin refuse to. Then, Clayton suggest the boys to wet their hair in the water and say they took a shower. When Clayton goes on the sink and puts water water on his head, the sink falls off and the sink's pipe is spraying water. Clayton tells the boys to give them one of their towels, but they refuse. Clayton puts his mouth over the pipe, which fills his mouth with water. Clayton goes flying all over the boy's vòi hoa sen room and causes the...
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Richard's dream!
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Source: i am the biggest faan! of gumball just to be clear.
they tell me i waste to much time, watching that stupid show, but i just can't let it go, so i look them in the eye, and tell them, its like its fate my greatest fantesy, my destiny, my legacy, my everything, its like it was made for me! cause i am the biggest fan! they say my life is wasted, but its just began. they say i spend to many hours way to many days, somthing wrong with my brain, no way i'm ok! but i just look them in then eye, and tell'em straight, no need to wait, i feel to great, its like it was fate. cause i am the biggest fan! they say my life is wasted but its just began. the...
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