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posted by Wolfie1993
Whether your a tween just starting out hoặc a 30-something looking for "the one" these are some simple clues to getting the girl.
1.) Never insult her.
2.) Never attempt to make her jealous.
3.) Always try her yêu thích things.
4.) Find something to compliment her on every day.
5.) Make her a priority in your life.
6.) Let her make her own choices without your influence.
7.) Never try to place yourself between her and her Những người bạn no matter their gender.
8.) Use your skill to serenade hoặc romance her.
9.) Never compare her to your exes and refrain from talking about your exes.
10.) Don't ask about her exes.
11.) Encourage her passions.
12.) Remember birthdays and anniversaries.
13.) Offer your help during hard hoặc stressful times and be ready to back up that offer when she accepts.
14.) Never take her for granted.