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Tenten. A master of weapons. She is the only girl in team Guy. With Neji,Tenten, and Lee. She likes being with them. Tenten trains with Neji, to make him stronger. She highly respects him. With Lee.
She ( might ) liked him in Naruto ( shonen jump )
She admires him. ( I think )

Tenten dreams of becoming just like Tsunade. Now that, she admires. With becomeing a master of weapons, she thinks that she will. But Sakura Haruno is a student of Lady Tsunade. Will Tenten
become just like her? will she acheive her dream?
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Tenten- Neji.
Neji- Hmm?
Tenten- Should we go shopping?
Neji- Maybe... but for what?
Tenten- Don't be silly. For the baby were going to have.

Neji- Right. Akihiko.
Tenten- Do you?
Neji- Yeah. But Later.
Tenten- Alright.

Tenten- .... hmm...
Neji- What is it?
Tenten- Sorry... I kinda got hurt.
Neji- Lay down. bạn need some rest, sweet pea.
Tenten- Alright.

Knock knock

Neji- Huh?
Tenten- ?
Neji- Ino,Temari?
Ino- We wanna see how the child is!
Tenten- I'm fine.

Temari- Tenten, bạn have grown a big belly.
Ino- She's prego.
Temari- I knew that.
Ino- Right. So wanna go shopping for clothes!?
Neji helped her get up.

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Tenten and Neji were already married. Tenten now became Tenten Hyuga. She loved Neji and so did he.
Neji never felt happeir in his life. Tenten is the only one who makes him smile.

In the Hyuga mansion Tenten was all alone in the house. Neji was in a B-rank mission. He thought it was so easy for him. So he'll get back trang chủ really early. She was washing
the dishes. When she was done she wacthed TV. Somehow her tummy started to feel funny. Then something went in her thoart. She ran to the bathroom. And she threw up. Then another giờ later she threw up thêm and then 25 phút later she threw...
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Tenten theme song ( write a bình luận to it )
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