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luz-anwar-light posted on Oct 08, 2010 at 09:44PM
Come on everybody!!! You already know the rules, all you have to do is put a reason and list it out! I've seen this on several other spots and it's quite fun to see the answers people give. All right then I asked to myself “why don´t we have it? If after all we love Noah and Cody” and here it is! So… let´s show me that you are really obsessed with this couple because this is the time!!!

I´m quite sure that we will make a very long list! Oh, and please enjoy it.

I´ll go first: 1. When you create a crazy word only to define your level of insanity for Noah and Cody.

Ps: if you don´t like the title I can change it. Because I can, right?!!!
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TDI's Noah and Cody 36 các câu trả lời

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hơn một năm qua SaborChocolate said…
2. when you dream with them :3
hơn một năm qua Errr said…
3. When you are drawing and you realize that you carry more than 4! art blocks filled with sketches of this two dorks in love ❤(self experience)link

4. when someone says the name of this two characters on the street and you smile like an idiot 8D

5. when you download a song just for the reason that it was in NoCo a video O‿o

6. when you finish to see a total drama episode and you say with a touch of disappointment in your voice: "that's need more NoCo" or "why sierra had to exist??"

7. when you dont give a fuck of what people think because is a gay love ♂ + ♂ = ♥ ¡Ha!

8. when you :( Love them together in secret but you are so shy! even! for join to the club (I know there are people like that) U_U

9. when you have all kind of crazy feelings when you read a history of them (ノ>‿<)ノ

10. Because If It Were a real total drama couple! I would have died!! thanks to the happiness ٩(✖‿✖)۶

11. When you think mmm...seriously if they were a couple both have a long future together I can even imagine them married
•the serious man Mr. Noah Anderson a succesful passionate writter author of a really interesting and captivating books that always send a letter for his husband in the job

•and Cody a videogames designer or something like that loves when him and his husband prove the videogames on his apartment in toronto sharing some jokes corny compliments and specially when the conversation turn around and becomes in something more juicy...
if you know what I mean ;)

12. when you love them so much that you dont have reason to explain why i'm Not put a reason on this reason xD

Gosh... i wrote all that!! XD and yes! im a NoCo freak!.... deal with that! O_e

just kidding mmmmm...a question why you dont have a medal in this spot luzy buddy you deserv it!♥
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hơn một năm qua luz-anwar-light said…
13. When you can hear to any song and in less than 5 minutes you are already making a mental video about these lovers, although it isn´t was a romantic one. Sorry “airplanes” I just can´t controlled myself! Anyway I promise one day do the 32 videos in HP! Is just that I don´t know how… yet! Of course XD

14. when you take advantage of every wish opportunity to ask something positive about this couple even when you know very well you will only have one 16 party. Me again, but seriously it was my best birthday ever!

15. When your notebooks have pictures, stories, tags, maybe a few theories, answers, sketchings… or even have them in the principal cover. Yeah! I do that but if you ask me, my notebooks are the cutest =D

16. When you make all this huge, crazy and insane theory about them and what actually is happening on that airplane because seriously anything that you see has any sense at all. Yeah! I´m still thinking that Cody forget everything about his secret relationship with Noah because a stupid injury in the head, what of course has some weird connection with Sierra.
All this before the start of the third season.

17. When you've written at least one time something about them! This can be an entire fanfic until a little phrase like "NoCo is the cutest". I write something like that everyday XD

18. When you start thinking about any total drama subject and somehow you end thinking about them. However, you are too happy to question.

19. When you family, friends or whatever know about Noah and Cody… and they actually start to like it. This is the second time that my friend starts talking about this couple although he doesn´t have a clue about who is Tyler!!! Well Lindsay neither XD

20. When you already know that you can be a long time friend relationship with any “Noah and Cody” fan even when all yours other points of view are totally different.

21. When you try to capture every moment they spend together! X3

22. When you start thinking about how "Haruka and Michiru" could affect this relationship and end up with a horrible headache because you still not know which would be your decision. If you don´t understand this point, relax! I'll explain it real soon. And maybe you can help me make my decision.

23. When you wake up all happy in the middle of the night because you had a dream about them and like a nanosecond later you hit your head until you fell sleep saying that it wasn´t a dream, it was a future dejavu!!! Yeah! Me again! and I guess that this has to do a lot with #2. XD

24. When you agree to all the above reasons. In particular, the number 12!!! XD

Awww!!! Erika, you really think that?! because well... that was very sweet. maybe one of the most incredibles things that someone ever told me. but hey! if I deserve it, you deserve it definitely thousand times more!!! No diggity ;D
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hơn một năm qua SaborChocolate said…
oh... well.. i am not the only one XD i thought that i was the only one

a few more (sorry if they are bad write and if i repeated @w@)

25. everytime that you hear noah or cody, you remember that guys

26. Pass hours thinking a lot of history about them

27. when you decorated your msn with avatars and backgrounds of them

28. when your search all the times for new information, pictures of them

29. when you are really worry about what will do the producters like make them hate each other DDDx

30. when you really want to know someone like them

31. when you see somebody with one of the characterist of one of them and get really "oh my gosh! *O*"

32. when you want to dress like one of them and want also dreess a friend like the other. To take NoCo photos :D
hơn một năm qua luz-anwar-light said…
Oh Luna, I understand you so much!!! I mean, you don´t have the idea of how bad I wanted to play NoCo this last Halloween or I don´t know maybe cosplay like Cody sometime…

33. When you have been agree with all the other reasons, and you are real happy with it!

34. When you talk so much about this couple that you have to use the word “NoCo” to save a little bit of time XD

35. When although you love very complicated, tragic and cruel stories… you really want a happy ending for this couple!

36. When you actually receive a NoCo gift. =D

37. When you have this horrible feeling to see Noah and Cody with someone else. It's just like disgust, sadness and all the evil of the world combined. Because… yeah! I like love triangles just like everybody but at the end of the day I want this couple together! I´m so sorry but “Trent x Cody” or “Owen and Noah” don´t make me feel so happy like them together.

38. When you already know that this couple could make TV history or who knows maybe it is already doing it! ;D

39. When everytime someone insults this couple, it´s born like a maternal side in you that just invites you to defend it with a lot of style of course...

40. When you really think that the whole total drama producers should play it with this couple, they have more fans than people really think!!! Or at least the can make 207 people happy, very happy =D

41. When you're so obsessed with this couple that you can see them in things that has absolute nothing about it but maybe is just because anything reminds you.

42. When you admit that this couple makes you feel like no other. It just so.... well, I doesn´t have to explain it to you, right? X3

43. When the only idea that Noah and Cody don´t being a couple makes you sad, very sad!

44.When you do not like this couple because they are gay! Is just that you really understand that Noah and Cody are made from each other and the fact that both are boys is just something super special about this couple. Nah, “Harold and Duncan” just don´t make me smile like NoCo…

45. When this couple is the only thing that makes you happy after a horrible week.

46. When this becomes in your favorite spot and probably website. =D
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hơn một năm qua Errr said…
Luz your comment was made of pure win if I can give you a trophy I will giving the biggest one. but hey im working on your drawing dont think i dont remeber ;D
hơn một năm qua luz-anwar-light said…
Awwwww!!! Erika, I really want to hug you, buddy! I mean, you are one of the best people I've met! So lovely and friendly. Seriously, girl, nobody can deny it that you real deserved the first medal in this spot, because well... i real mean it!!! Ah, Erika, I love you girl. And please never forget that. So don´t worry and relax because I already like your drawings ;D
hơn một năm qua Errr said…
HahahAawwwww♥ love you too Luz :>

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 HahahAawwwww♥ tình yêu bạn too Luz :>
hơn một năm qua luz-anwar-light said…
you're gonna make me cry!!! this is amazing, buddy! i love it!!! thank you so much! ...although I must say that you are too one of the NoCo fans ever! all that without mention the fact of what increible friend to you are ;D
hơn một năm qua Errr said…
a Big virtual Bear Hug for you buddy :D ♥
hơn một năm qua luz-anwar-light said…
Awww! the same to you, buddy!!!
hơn một năm qua picklepiecow said…
47. When you change your MSN status to a NoCo quote
48. When you tell all your friends about how epic NoCo is even though they don't give a crap about TDI
49. When you try to read every NoCo fanfic ever written
50. When you're so excited to see a list like this that you don't even stop to check if you repeated someone else's comment
51. When you watch like...18 YouTube videos of NoCo moments
52. When you write numerous fanfics/scenes in your head and then wonder if you should post them anywhere.
53. When you forget what you were going to type because you're thinking about NoCo
hơn một năm qua Errr said…
awwww picklepiecow that was so cute :>
hơn một năm qua picklepiecow said…
Thanks :)
hơn một năm qua neonwalflower said…
lol wow i think you guys got most of them xD
54. when ever some1 trashes about gay love you all of a sudden think of noah and cody and cuss the hell out of them (personal experience >:D)
55. think if nothing happpens with NoCo then the creators will get tons of angry fan mail (im pretty sure we can do this 1!)
56. NoCo is such a cute couple that when you think of them you get really excited :D
~~~all i can think of bc u guys got em' all xDD
hơn một năm qua nocolover4evr said…
57. Your family/friends get soo anoyed with your constant talking about NoCo

58.U tell random people that NoCo is the best!

59. When u get all ecited, even if they just sit near each other.

60. When Noah said "Haha Cody's got a tiny saugage!" U think how does he know tht?? hmmm... and/or Noah accually laughed a genuine laugh!!!

61. It's always on the brain

62. Ur friends make u NoCo collages/storys/artwork for giftz.

63. U hate the NoCo Haters/flamers

*guilty to all*
hơn một năm qua nocolover4evr said…
64. "NoCo" Is a banned word in your house bc of you say it to much (me)
hơn một năm qua Noah4ever said…
65. When you talk with your friends you say NoCo and your friends looks you like "o.o"
66. Your room has some images of NoCo on the walls :o
hơn một năm qua Noah4ever said…
67. When you hate Sierra,Coderra and Gody(CodyxGwen) so much!!
hơn một năm qua neonwalflower said…
agreed xD ^^^^^^^^

68. When you mention NoCo to ur friends and blab on they have no idea what the hell your talking about.

69. You tell everybody you know to sign the NoCo petition to make it happen for real :)

70. When you watch TDI you can't help but think that it was the beginning of NoCo <3
hơn một năm qua luz-anwar-light said…
71. When your friends are so traumatized by my obsession with NoCo that they even confuse this word for another, in talks that have nothing to do with them... or even Total Drama!!! XD

72. When you seriously love everytime that a NoCoholic say that their friends, family or whatever know about them as a couple; because that means that she or he is really proud or these incredible cute lovers! So hard as you do.

73. When you really don't need to offend the other couples, fans or characters only to explain why you love NoCo so freaking much, the incredible that they are as a couple or the positive impact that they can made with one single kiss! But however, this doesn't mean that it's not funny to talk about how stupid that Sierra is. XD
hơn một năm qua nocolover4evr said…
74. U randomly walk into class one day and give a lecture on the beginning of NoCo

75. When ur Teacher is trying 2 get through 2 u, she says, ok, so if this was NoCo then...

76.When someone is a gay basher and theyre going on about how 'wrong' it is, You get up there and say Theyre is nothing Wrong with tht! One of my Favorite couples is slash, and if u keep bad-mouthing it, ill punch u (unfortunatly guilty. I cant help it)

77.You have wierd and wwrong dreams with them.

78. Sierra generally ticks u off

79. When Noah said "Stalkerlicious" U think he looks mad and is jealous

80. IF Slap Slap Revelution if one of (if not) Favorite episode bc of all the NoCo.

81.When u start a sentence with, "So I was doing NoCo reaserch..." your friends and sometimesw even bf or gf goes, "No, we heard enough. Noah Kissed Cody, and Cuddled with him, blah blah, we get it!"
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hơn một năm qua katkat57 said…
hơn một năm qua luz-anwar-light said…
Wow man! One thing is that you don´t like this couple and other quite different it´s that you was so a asshole to come here just to annoy. I mean we are not doing anything wrong to you come here and ruin everything… because you know that this the fanspot of "Noah and Cody" right? I agree with expressing your opinions but please also respects us! nothing personal, it´s just to seems a very bad way do it in my opinion.
hơn một năm qua luz-anwar-light said…
Without any other inconvenient of a pathetic hater, let's go back to the game!

82. When it's 3 in the morning, and everyone is asleep, and you are the only awake, because it assumes that you have a lot of homework, which in fact if you have! But no matter what you do .... NoCo is in your head distracting you. So you said: Ok, let's chech them only a "minute" and who knows how you already passed 4 hours in NoCo land! And of course, that you don't finished the homework, and of course that you are killing yourself because of that, but at the end, would you do the same again.
Raise you hand if you are guilty, yeah! XD
hơn một năm qua nocolover4evr said…
*raises hand*
hơn một năm qua Errr said…
ok here goes another one

83.When you get tired of listen ''NoCo is sooo overrated'' '' they are not even friends get a life'' ''ewww why do you drew that'' ''cody is fucking straight!''
and the other tipe of crap you read or listen every day
at the end
your NoCoholism has been growing more B)
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hơn một năm qua RingoO said…
^bby you made ​​me do this <3

84.When you're sick! of seeing so many people who thinks codierra is a canon pairing.

85.When You start to cheering a NoCo scene like a stupid cheerleader in front your computer and when it ends you get all serious again.
hơn một năm qua luz-anwar-light said…
86. When you think that "Everyone" by Uh huh her; Is the perfect song for this couple just because... Anything. Their situation; Their fans, their haters, their producers who just don´t know what to think! It just fit them so fucking well. The lyrics of that song just say, everything, in a way that´s so much like our voice but somehow it´s their voice too. Simply amazing. Go watch it.

87. When you're writing on the second page of this forum!!! Ok, that does not count… When you already knew that this forum would have a second page, and that we will exceed the 100 reasons. Why? How? Because you are a NoCoHolic.

88. When you are talking with your best friend about NoCo at the same that you do this list. Man! My best friend should be a fan of this couple! I mean, he even sometimes put Me, NoCo! Is just that he doesn´t know nothing about the show. XD

89. When your love for NoCo made you create an account. Friend, I made this account only to talk about NoCo, in this spot!!! Also, that they are the reason of my Youtube account. This can also be replaced by: When your love for NoCo made you create something, which right now, feel more appropriate to be the real owner of the number.

90. When you kinda hate everytime that the people say that Noah and Gwen were the Cody´s past relationships. I mean, thank you for including us, but... NoCo is still on, bitch! And it´s stronger than ever!!!

91. When you hate every time that a hater say that Noah and Cody can be gay because, he feel identificated with one of them. Like if it was a bad thing to identify yourself with some gay person! However, haters, the most of the time are stupid.
I know that this reason talks more about Noah and Cody sexualities but like theirs are a very important factor in this couple, I decided to put this reason. Sorry!

92. When NoCo is in your username!!! Yeah, I know, it isn´t in mine. X-treme Shame. But I really think that is lovely when it is. So, yeah! This is just my lame way to say, thank you, to everyone who has it. I think that you all made something real pretty. =D

Hi 5 to all ya, NoCoHolics!!! I love all yours reasons, by the way.
Just unique and awesome as always! I´m so proud of us as a team.
Everytime we are closer to the 100 reason! And to the 300 fans!!!
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hơn một năm qua picklepiecow said…
93. When you fangirl squeal and giggle whenever Noah shows up on screen, hoping he'll make a pass at Cody
94. When you compare all your other crack pairings to NoCo
95. When you get sad because you realize you haven't been paying as much attention to them lately
96. When you don't care about any other TDI pairings
97. When you wonder who would ask out, propose, lead dances, etc.
98. When you don't really care
99. When you write fanfiction and don't care how OOC they are as long as it puts them together
100. When you realize that there are 100 reasons, and that you've submitted the 100th one, and you realize just how amazing they really are.
hơn một năm qua picklepiecow said…
101. When you create 10 OCs just to write two fanfictions
102. When the only reason you download couple bases to use is to draw NoCo pictures
103. When you write a story that has nothing to do with TDI, yet you still name the main couple after Noah and Cody.
104. When every song you listen to makes you wonder what would happen if Noah and Cody sang it
105. When you realize that they're so amazing that there are even more than 100 reasons.
106. When this excites you more than it should.
107. When you get really annoyed when they're not standing near each other or anything in the background.
108. When you really want to buy their outfits so you can cosplay with a friend.
109. When you read every T-rated NoCo fanfic you can find.
110. When your most recent searches on every single website include "NoCo", "Coah", "Nody", "Noah Cody", "Cody and Noah", and Total Drama Noah Cody".
111. When you're so obsessed with this couple that you don't care how many people question your sanity or maturity.
112. When the majority of your OC's exist for NoCo purposes.
hơn một năm qua TDI_Angel said…
big smile
113. Your favorite episode of TDI is The Big Sleep
114. You write NoCo fanfics when you should be taking notes in class
115. You can't read a book about a gay couple without comparing them to Noah and Cody
116. You're EXTREMELY happy that this spot has so many fans!
117. You want Sierra to DIE
118. You relate everything to NoCo
hơn một năm qua Animetama said…
big smile
119: when you faint of screaming from each moment they have <3
hơn một năm qua iPsychic said…
120: When Noah and Cody are both on the screen, you watch them carefully.
121: You make animations of NoCo (Yep, I do that).
122: NoCo is the only thing on your mind!
123: When you read NoCo fanfics late at night and when you see the time, you don't care :)
124: You take photo's on NoCo on your iPod and show them to your friends at school :)
hơn một năm qua iPsychic said…
125: When you say to your one of your friends 'I've had ideas for fanfictions lately...' and she goes 'Let ms guess, NoCo?' >W< I'll probably post some soon.

126: When you scratch the word NoCo onto your Tech desk at school. It's on there forever, Mwah ha ha ha!!!

127: When you see the word 'NoCo' you've written on your desk, you think about NoCo instantly.

128: When you read NoCo fanfictions at school on your iPod XD (I copy and paste them onto my notes).

129: When you're sister and you are fighting about Codierra. 'Cody hates Sierra!' -me. 'But the couples cute!' -my sister. Whenever she says Codierra'a cute, I die. :|

130: When you want them to be in season five together, on the same team! That'd be awesome :)
hơn một năm qua luz-anwar-light said…
131: Why you want them in the five season in the same team
But what are you really wishing for is that Sierra doesn't make to the final cut!
Dude, any season with NoCo and a totally lack of Sierra is my season. XD