TDI's Noah and Cody bạn know that you´re a real NoCoholic when you…

luz-anwar-light posted on Oct 08, 2010 at 09:44PM
Come on everybody!!! You already know the rules, all you have to do is put a reason and list it out! I've seen this on several other spots and it's quite fun to see the answers people give. All right then I asked to myself “why don´t we have it? If after all we love Noah and Cody” and here it is! So… let´s show me that you are really obsessed with this couple because this is the time!!!

I´m quite sure that we will make a very long list! Oh, and please enjoy it.

I´ll go first: 1. When you create a crazy word only to define your level of insanity for Noah and Cody.

Ps: if you don´t like the title I can change it. Because I can, right?!!!
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