TDI's Noah and Cody New noco rp

koalagirl9 posted on Jun 21, 2012 at 09:19PM
the old noco people (who dont care i guess) made a RP but it stopped so lets get a new rp going and not stop.No controling others Ocs.. and lets make it juicy now lets start:
Noah is taking a walk in the park and see's Cody
Noah:hey Cody how r u
Cody:good whats up (leans on a tree)

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hơn một năm qua iPsychic said…
Noah: Meh, not much. I've been reading, playing video games. What are you doing at the park? Playing on the slide like your childish self?

Cody: Ha ha Noah! Nah, I'm here because I saw you walk in the park and-

Noah: You came to the park because you saw me?

Cody: *blushes* Uh... Yeah... I guess I did.
hơn một năm qua koalagirl9 said…
Noah:*blushes*really why would you do that
hơn một năm qua iPsychic said…
Cody: *blushes* Because, you know Noah, you're...

Noah: *waiting*

Cody: ... My friend.

Noah: Well, okay then. Hey, Cody, your face is boiling red. Do you feel hot at the moment?
hơn một năm qua koalagirl9 said…
Cody:yeah its kinda warm out here...
Noah:why don't you go swim in the fountin
Cody:umm no...
Noah:ok i was joking anyway
hơn một năm qua iPsychic said…
Cody: A joke? Ha ha ha!

Noah: What's so funny about it?

Cody: I don't know. I find it amusing!

Noah: Ha, of course.

Cody: Hey, look who's over there. Gwen!

Noah: *shudders* Gwen? Why the hell is she here? You still like her, don't you?

Cody: Actually, I gave up on her. I-I don't like her anymore.

Noah: Really?
hơn một năm qua koalagirl9 said…
Cody:yeah i actully decided to be bisexual and even though i can still like girl but shes not my type
Noah:yeah to be honset im gay i have been since i was 14
hơn một năm qua iPsychic said…
Cody: Wow, really? I would of never thought you would be gay.

Noah: I bet you did. Come on, it's quite easy to see that I'm gay.

Cody: Well, fine, I suppose I did have that tiny thing in the back of my brain that thought you were.

Noah: I tried to hide the fact that I was gay on the island... I got bullied at High School a lot...