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 Rapunzel's Mother
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One last wish(Rapunzel & Eugene)Tangled.You may need your Kleenex tissues for this one(you have been warned). Most emotional scene in a Disney movie since TLK. T:T. Mandy Moore & Zac Levi voice.
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"You're kidding are you?" "I am not!" he said,giving her a Kiss and a hug.

"Eugene," "Yes?" "Today's the day,you know that right?" "Huh??? Today's the ngày of WHAT?" "Didn't I tell bạn before?!" "Nuh ah." "Gosh. I made a dumb mistake." "Why?" "Because....today..." "What,I still don't understand." "Eugene,today's the ngày of...of... TODAY'S THE ngày THE em bé WILL BE BORN." Well,the way Rapunzel spoke gave Eugene a total FREAK show. "What?? Nuuuh...that's a joke." he knew it before.but he wanted to know it AGAIN. "Eugene,I told bạn once,so I think bạn forgot it." "No,you...
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I understood why Rapunzel didn't want to get married yet, I mean the girl had been through alot and all at once too, so I asked each năm on her birthday and each năm she would smile and say "Not yet, try tiếp theo year" then she would Kiss me and with each Kiss I loved her thêm and more. So I waited. Then it was the ngày before her twenty-first birthday (4 years later), I was just coming back from buying her a birthday present when i got inside she called "Eugene!". in a rush to hind the gift I threw it behind a hoa pot. "Oh, I looking for you....what did bạn just throw behind the hoa pot?"...
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