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AT THE ORPHANAGE.REPORTER:WE'ER HERE AT THE SIGHT OF ANOTHER CHILDS MURDER.TAILS:Hmmmm...Silver:guys I found him.Knuckles:Come on Tails we have to go.Tails:Ok:[.At the chaotixs base.Eggman:Please help.Espio:Why should we?Eggman pulls out a wad of cash.Vector:Thats good enough for me.At ???s base.Metalsonic:sir...????:Please Im your friend please call me....TAILS DOLL.At sonics house.Sonic:When are they gonna get here?Cream:Hmmmmm.Sonic:Cream that was a retorical question.Cream:Whats a retorlical question?Sonic:Hhhhhhh.TO BE CONTINUED....

ok i was lying but it did have shere stupidity.
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" The Tails Doll is a myth that was formed years cách đây when in The Angels, California, a mother found his dead son while there was playing in his console Sega Saturn "Sonic R". The mother on having done his declaration đã đưa ý kiến that the child was spending it to him a lot of time playing his console, and that this obsessed in spite of extracting a "doll" hoặc something like that, when it called it bởi third time to be going to have bữa tối, bữa ăn tối in the evening of the " ngày of action of graces ", the child was not answering and to seem to him to be strange, because habian come his grandparents to having dinner...
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posted by Puppetmaster111
When they fell threw they ended up in a dark hall, "MADDY!?" Courtny yelled. "Are u in here?!?" Sydney yelled, "I'm over here!!!" I yelled. "Maddy are u hert?!" Meriha asked me, "No... but bạn guys are!!" "Thats cuse when we woke up he scratched at us and tolled us to stay away from... well 'the master of fears'!" Courtney explained. "Who the hell is the master of fear?" I asked, "Hell if we know!" Sydney said. Then Jodi backed to the tường and pressed a button, "I'm sorry friends! But I'm on the winning side!" She đã đưa ý kiến with a smirk. "MASTER THEY ARE TRYING TO FREE HER!!!!!" She yelled, then...
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I awaken to that dream again.But there was thêm to it now I can see who I was yelling for,I seen who I call Jimmy.Brown heir,white skin,green eyes,and wears glass.But I still don't know why I yell his name its killing me inside and when I trie to think harder it gives me an ach in my heart.Why can't I remeber everthing about Jimmy I need to know.(door opening)Slave I need thêm souls hoặc I have yours hahaha.Ye-Yes master I will get bạn your souls to feast on.As I start to leave I hear something,"Kelly"WTF I say in my mind who was that it must have been in my mind.After a hard ngày of ripping souls...
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