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posted by Lucia322
Ranger Wilkinson : bạn boys aren’t planning to go out near Black Water Ridge bởi any chance?
Sam: Oh, no sir. We’re Environmental Study Majors from UC Boulder, just working on a paper.
Dean: Recycle, man.
Ranger Wilkinson : Bull.
Sam: So, Black Water Ridge is pretty remote. It’s cut off bởi these canyons, here. The rough terrain, dense forest, abandoned silver and vàng mines all over the place.
Dean: Dude, check out the size of this frigin’ bear.
Sam: And a dozen hoặc thêm grizzlies in the area. It’s no nature hike, that’s for sure
Sam: We cannot let that Hailey girl go out there.
Dean: Oh...
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xin chào guys as bạn know Lucy aka lucysmileyface won the 2nd round of one-on-one interviews, here are Lucy's các câu hỏi and answers:] ENJOY

1. Is Supernatural Your Favourite TV Show? Why?

Yes, i’m an addict to this show. I guess SPN is my brand of heroin, all that’s missing are some tracks on my arms and a crazy twitch going on. My yêu thích thing about this gotta be the brothers’ relationship, this bond that’s unbreakable (that’s right Kripke, bạn better not change that!), they tình yêu each other so much that they are willing to sacrifice their souls without a một giây thought.oh, and the storylines...
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posted by starlightdlim
one ngày dean and me walked to a bar and
he asked" Alexis do u want a bia hoặc wine? i đã đưa ý kiến " up to u" as
i đã đưa ý kiến that dean gave me a wink. i looked and blushed. as i blushed SAM came in and said"dean stop we have a case" dean didn't listen all of a sudden my dog comes and chases Sam. dean says" leave me alone ".
i đã đưa ý kiến i want to go and my dog is coming if u guys like it hoặc not." sam said" dean keep her she might help us" but dean didn't know i bite him because fyi im a vampire.
Regna terrae, cantate Deo,
psallite Domino
qui fertis super caelum
caeli ad Orientem
Ecce dabit voci Suae
vocem virtutis,
tribuite virtutem Deo.

Exorcizamus te, omnis immundus spiritus
omnis satanica potestas, omnis incursio
infernalis adversarii, omnis legio,
omnis congregatio et secta diabolica.

Ergo draco maledicte
et omnis legio diabolica adjuramus te.
cessa decipere humanas creaturas,
eisque aeternae Perditionis venenum propinare.

Vade, Satana, inventor et magister
omnis fallaciae, hostis humanae salutis.
Humiliare sub potenti manu dei,
contremisce et effuge, invocato a
nobis sancto et terribili...
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Iagnua Magna Purgatorii Great door of Purgatory
Clausa Est Ob Nos That is closed for us
Lumine Eius Ab Oculis Its light is kept away
Nostris Retento From our eyes

Sed Nunc Stamus Ad Limen Huius But now we're standing on this threshold
Ianuae Magnae Et Demisse Of the Great door, and humbly
Fideliter Perhonorifice Faithfully, respectfully
Paramus Aperire Eam Are preparing for its opening

Creaturae Terrificae Quarum Ungulae Terrible creature, whose claws
Et Dentes Nunquam Tetigerunt And teeth have never touched
Carnem Humanam Aperit Fauces Human flesh, is opening its jaws
Eius Ad Mundum Nostrum Nunc Toward our world now
Ianua Magna Great door
Aperta Tandem! Open at last!

posted by rokocharm
ALL OPINIONS ARE MY OWN AND ARE NOT INFUENCED bởi ANYTHING OTHER THAN WHAT I HAVE PERCIEVED FROM THE SHOW. NOT INTENDED TO BASH ANY CHARACTERS. I’m back with a new analysis on the other half the Winchesters; bạn guessed it, here’s Dean Winchester. Now behind that bad boy exterior, we all know he has a tim, trái tim of vàng that beats for his family (namely Sammy, *cough *cough) and enough wit and charm to keep us laughing, even as the nature of the hiển thị grows darker. Dean the big brother, Dean the protector; he has many names, and many sides, and I’ll attempt to do him justice as we explore the...
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So Did it ever crossed your mind while watching a Supernatural episode " i would totally do different if i were you" hoặc bạn think since we all know so much about SPN now . we can totally survive what ever Supernatural that comes with the guys ofcourse .
i mad a little danh sách about how to survive in Supernatural and i would tình yêu if bạn have any adds.
( got your chips ? ok lets start)
1- we all know this one but must be added:
Always keep holy water, silver , salt in the house
specially for the low sodium freaks!.
2-If two unreasonably handsome men hiển thị up at your door claiming to be FBI (or any other...
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posted by twilighter4evr
 Sam Winchester artwork
Sam Winchester artwork
In 1983 the Wichesters welcomed there một giây son into the world, Sam. On Sam's sixth tháng birthday his mother Mary checks in on him only to find a mysterious man standing over his crib. Sam's father John hears Mary scream and then runs to the nursery to find Mary pinned to the ceiling then burning into flames. After 22 years while Sam was attending College at Stanford trường đại học on Halloween his brother Dean breaks into his apartment with whom he shares with his long time girlfriend Jessica to tell Sam that there dad is missing and he needs his help to find him. Sam refuses to go with Dean...
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 John & Dean
John & Dean
In my bài viết I'm going to talk about a devoted husband & father John Winchester.

John began his hunting "career" on approximately November 2, 1983, following the death of his wife. His primary goal, as a hunter, was to kill the Yellow-Eyed Demon: Azazel, for murdering the mother of his children. Living with Dean twenty-two years later, he mysteriously vanishes and Dean is forced to recruit his brother, Sam. Through many obstacles and life-threatening challenges, the two brothers overcame the Supernatural and eventually met up with their father. Although powerful and all-knowing, John's...
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posted by doraweasley
 Mark Sheppard will play Crowley, the crossroads demon
Mark Sheppard will play Crowley, the crossroads demon
"The episode is epic and will "definitely ... have the những người hâm mộ on the edge of their seats going into the holiday 'hellatus,'..."

"Abandon All Hope" airs Nov. 19: "Sam, Dean and Castiel track down the súng colt, con trăn, colt and head off to find Lucifer to send him back to Hell. It’s a hunters’ reunion when the crew joins forces with Bobby (Jim Beaver), Ellen (guest ngôi sao Samantha Ferris) and Jo (guest ngôi sao Alona Tal) for what could be their last night on Earth."

Inspiration for 5.10?

From Dante's Inferno:

"Through me bạn pass into the city of woe:
Through me bạn pass into eternal pain:
Through me among the people...
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Heather was pacing up and down the kitchen, nervously waiting for Isabel to call her back. She couldn’t imagine what kept her so long. She didn’t have a job, she didn’t have a boyfriend anymore. She was probably wallowing in self-pity, while Heather was about to be ripped to pieces, according to the newspaper.
She dialed Isabel’s phone again and growled when it was her voicemail again. “Seriously? Where the hell are you? Cas is here. What part of get here ASAP did bạn not get? Don’t bạn read the newspaper? He’s a lunatic. He’s killed four people already in less than 48 hours...
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An episode that should never have been made

I tình yêu this show. I started watching this hiển thị around a tháng cách đây and I am currently watching 5th season. A lot of bạn might’ve guessed which episode I’m gonna rant about. I am talking about 5x19 “Hammer of Gods.”

<I am an Indian, Hindu.> Mata means mother.

If bạn remember the episode, the apocalypse was going on. And viewers were wondering- “What the heck are other Gods doing?” I was one of them. This episode tried to answer this question. I really hope they had left it chưa được trả lời though.

Things that bugged me---

(i) Do they really know...
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As bạn may hoặc may not know, an upcoming episode of Supernatural will be entitled “Appointment in Samarra”. Since most of Supernatural’s episode titles generally allude to something - usually a song title, sometimes a movie hoặc book - I decided to find out what this one meant. What I found was a very interesting short story, and since I liked it, I want to share it with bạn all. There are several versions to this story, but all have the same key elements, and simply changes names and cities.

Here is the earliest version that I could find (that does not mean it is the original, just the oldest...
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This is part two of the analyzing Dean Winchester article, so if bạn haven't read the first part, bạn can look for it in my articles. The last one was many months ago, and I only recently got around to finishing this part. Please excuse the end of the article, I didn't expand as much as I wanted to, darn writer's block! Anyways hope bạn enjoy, make sure to check out my other các bài viết and happy đọc :)

6.    Dean is selfless.
Selfless might be an understatement for our dear Dean. This term might apply when we talk about his relationship with the people he saves. He’s...
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posted by tazoulini
- Richard confirmed that he does come back after Changing Channels but not why hoặc in which episode(s).
- Rob confimed he is back in the season finale and that "it's crazy" and that "people are dying and reappearing".
- According to Kurt Fuller, Zachariah beats Dean up in Ep 16. ("Next week, Dean and... I get in a confrontation, and I KICK HIS ASS.")
- Not really a spoiler for SPN, but will be of interest to some people...Misha appears in character as Castiel in the Ghostfacers webseries. The webseries premieres April 15th online at after the 100th Episode airs on TV.
- I'm not sure if this was a joke hoặc not, but Misha claims that there's a scene in an upcoming episode where Castiel tears off his shirt.
- There's contradictory things being đã đưa ý kiến about Misha being in Season 6. Jim made a crack to Misha about him (Misha) needed to look for work tiếp theo năm but at an autograph signing when asked directly bởi a fan, Misha đã đưa ý kiến "I think so."
Charlie: Is he wearing eye-liner?
Vernon: Can’t tell; I’m blinded bởi all the sterling silver.
Charlie: What a...
Charlie and Vernon: Douchebag.
Vernon: Oh, come on Jay, his mystery act is shaking his đít, mông, ass that an Eighth Avenue hooker.
Jay: Ah, who cares if it kills me? At least I’ll go out with a headline.
Dean: What a douchebag.
Sam: That's Jeb Dexter.
Dean: I don't even want to know how bạn know that.
Sam: He's famous, kind of.
Dean: For what, douchebaggery?
Dean: I can't believe people actually fall for that crap.
Sam: It's not all crap.
Dean: What part of that was not a steaming pile...
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posted by Lucia322
Dean:: ...then head south, Bisbee bởi midnight. Sam wears women's underwear.'
Dean: Well, so bạn lie to them?
Sam: No, I just don't tell them...everything.
Dean: Yeah, that's called lying.
Dean: What it sucks, but with a job like this bạn can't get close to people, period.
Sam: You're kinda anti-social, bạn know that?
Dean: So the neighbours dog went psycho right around the time Zack's girlfriend was killed
Sam: động vật can have a sharp sense of paranormal
Dean: Yeah, maybe Fido saw something
Sam: So, bạn think maybe this is our kind of problem?
Dean: No, probably not. But we should look at the security...
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Hola! Somos un grupo constituido por 5 integrantes de distintos países:
Mis compañeras administradoras y coordinadoras del grupo pertenecen a La Plata , Bs As, Argentina(Soledad Rodriguez), Colombia(Orlando Florida) (Sandra), Colombia (Juanita) , Venezuela (Elia Moreno) y yo pertenezco a Capital Federal Bs As Argentina (Roxana Espiniella).

Nuestra idea es trabajar en conjunto con những người hâm mộ de todos los países de America Central, Sur y de habla hispana en la organización y realización de una Convención de Supernatural con sede es Bs As Argentina.
Para esto, sabemos que tendremos que trabajar en...
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posted by befferz
“So you’re sure this is going to work” Dean asked his brother whilst logging onto his email. It was now night and the Winchesters had broken into a local library, simply because Sam wouldn’t let Dean set ngọn lửa, chữa cháy to his laptop in order to kill the Smith Sisters. The plan was to xóa the email that Sam had forwarded to him to provoke the tulpa, then they had to kill it before it killed them. Dean hoped that the few hours that they’d waited were enough for the tulpa to evolve.
“I hope so” Sam replied sounding as uneasy as Dean.
“And if it doesn’t…”
“Then we’re screwed”...
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posted by HorrorFan101
This job is stupid, Sam thought bitterly to himself as the windscreen of the Impala was dashed with fierce rain. We should be focusing on Dean right now, not going to investigate a possible haunting.
Sam glanced across at Dean in the driver’s seat, who was looking determinedly at the dark, wet road ahead, concentrating in the avoiding way that only Dean could. Sam knew when Dean had that face on, he wasn’t willing to negotiate anything, let alone talk about his feelings. Sam couldn’t tell if Dean thought about his deal at all that much, as it seems he always felt he had to put on a mask...
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