Summer What do bạn like most about summer?

Pick one:
That I can wear skirts and t-shirts instead of trousers and áo khoác
That women hiển thị thêm flesh due to the heat
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guys without shirts
I tình yêu everything about summer....except mosquitos!
Added by nonames
That amusement parks are open every day!
Added by harold
Having No Worries! Just Fun in the Sun
Having No Worries! Just Fun in the Sun
Added by notthatgirl
Summer house, Summer nights, Summer love, Beach, Swimming...AMAZING MEMORIES! <3<
Added by evanescence_
seeing the beautiful sunset
Added by SkylarStrait
NO SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
Added by carsfan
everything no bad things
Added by rowena3215
having fun without people telling bạ n what to do...
having fun without people telling bạn what to do just relaxing
Added by helenacrazy
everythi- nnnnng!
Added by reid4infinity
SWIMMING- !!!!!!! 1
Added by Fourlover
Going to the beach, enjoying the sunshine, etc.
Going to the beach,enjoying the sunshine,etc.
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