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DarkSarcasm posted on Jul 04, 2022 at 06:15PM
In case anyone's forgotten the 30 Day Challenge Drill: You don't have to post every day, take it at your own pace, feel free to post pictures & stuff. Make sure to add this forum to your updates so you'll remember to post. Have fun, nerds!

Day 1 - Favorite male character?
Day 2 - Favorite female character?
Day 3 - Rank the seasons in order of preference.
Day 4 - Favorite ST cast member?
Day 5 - What are your top 5 pre-1986 movies, in case Keith at Family Video asks?
Day 6 - Favorite relationship?
Day 7 - Favorite pop culture reference?
Day 8 - Where would you want to hang out in Hawkins?
Day 9 - Pick a character you'd like to date, adopt, or have as a best friend. (Or all 3!)
Day 10 - Rank your top 10 favorite characters.
Day 11 - Favorite song associated with ST?
Day 12 - Favorite outfit or accessory?
Day 13 - Which character are you most like?
Day 14 - Favorite mode of transportation?
Day 15 - If you get Vecna'd, which song would bring you back? (Bonus: Which pre-summer of '86 song would it be?)
Day 16 - Character you've changed your opinion on?
Day 17 - If you could save one character, who would it be?
Day 18 - Least favorite character?
Day 19 - Favorite episode from each season?
Day 20 - You're stuck in the Upside Down with 5 characters. Who do you hope is there to help find your way out?
Day 21 - Favorite non-ST movie or show with a ST actor in it?
Day 22 - A song (that's not in the show) that reminds you of a ST character?
Day 23 - Write a letter to any ST character. (Just a few words is fine: Dear Robin, please stop talking. Dear Jonathan, try Visine. Dear Hopper, nice haircut.)
Day 24 - Who's your ST style icon?
Day 25 - If you could change one (non-death) thing that's happened in ST, what would it be?
Day 26 - Two characters who never met, but should have?
Day 27 - An 80s legend you'd like to guest star in ST5?
Day 28 - What's something you want to see in Stranger Things 5?
Day 29 - Do you have any ST merch? What's something you'd like to have?
Day 30 - Free Day!
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