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becksking posted on Oct 17, 2016 at 11:13AM
Hey guys,

After this great new movie i started watching EVERYTHING of Star Trek on Netflix. Well i was asking myself if there is a possibility to capture Star Trek from Netlix. I heard about this offline service. But what does this actually mean? Would i be able to save it on my harddisk or do you know any other ways to do so?

Cheers buddys

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hơn một năm qua Barnyban said…
yeah you heard right I also read that netflix will probably offer an offline service but starting at the end of this year (hopefully!). But now you can't download anything directly from netflix :/ Therefore you could try a third party software, but good and legal ones do cost a little bit of money. I tried the Moviebox software for this purposes, with it you can record what you are watching (you can do this at night when you're sleeping) and then save it on your computer and whatch it offline later. Since you are only recording what is streaming on your pc it's legal (as long as you use it for your own purpose). You can take a look at the website and figure out a bit more for yourself link