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Hi everyone, now I just found out that this 2002 film roughly base on the 1993 film The Silver Brumby, which the latter is base on the namesake novel. So, what you're about to read is whether on not Spirit is based on the novel.

It's based on the Film

So, I can understand that it is a remake of the 1993 film, but thêm targeting for family oriented theme. The only difference is that the story for The Silver Brumby is set in Australia.
The horse befriends an unknown character, simply known as The Man/ Egan and is played bởi Russell Crowe. Just like how Spirit befriends Little Creek, a Native...
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Hi I just wanted to make part 2 of The Cimarron,
Little Creek becomes a Grey hair Chief, the little indian baby from the first movie is called Red oak, cuz she is so stubborn, the twin ponies in the first movie are Owl and Snake, one becomes smart and one becomes means, Spirit and rain have a son named Thunder, the movie is about Red oak, leaving the tribe to find, a cure for Little Creek, and this is the story of how she met Thunder, it is called a tail of thunder, if bạn think I should keep nghề viết văn it, send me a note.. ioufo@yahoo.com ty I tình yêu the movie!
They got to the hàng đầu, đầu trang of the đồi núi, hill Rose hide her self in the shadows. "Spirit?" rain asked.
"Yes?" He answered.
"I want bạn to meet my sister. Come on out sis!" she yelled.
Rose came out of the shadows. Then she stopped in the light. Her main and tail was flowing with the wind. She was beautiful. She had a rose in her main. Spirit walked up to her and đã đưa ý kiến "Hi, I am Spirit."
"I am Rose." she said.
"So,you are Rains sister?" He asked.
"Yes." After awhile. Rose walks away and blushes without him seeing her blush.
"So, do bạn like my sis?" Rain asked.
"Yes." he said.
End of chapter 4.
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posted by mustang101
Ok so I have an idea for spirit 2 movie-

It starts off with the same beginning, with the eagle and everything, but instead of Esperanza giving birth, it's rain giving birth to Storm. (Yes I think their son is storm, look it up...) it shows them all happy with their new súng colt, con trăn, colt like it did with 1. Meanwhile, at the cowboys' the chief is sick and very ill. His son has heard stories about spirit, the horse his father could not tame, and in revenge, sets out to capture spirit. But instead, he finds storm and holds him captive. He gives the con voi con to his father. Spirit and rain set out to claim storm,...
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"Spirit I have to tell bạn something." đã đưa ý kiến Rain.
"What is it?" he answered."I..." she paused.
"I have a sister." she đã đưa ý kiến softly.
"You told me bạn don't have a brother hoặc a sister!" he yelled.
"I know.I just found out from my parents." she said, she was scared and had tears in her eyes.
"Then where is she?" he said, while trying to calm down.
"I don't know." she said,still has tears in her eyes.
"Lets look for her then." he đã đưa ý kiến while starting to trot. But she stopped him and đã đưa ý kiến "No, ill go."
"Okay." he said,still wanting to go.
End of chapter.
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Bang! Rose gets spooked. Bang,bang,bang! Its spirits enemy!The leader of the army. The herd runs away spirit and Rose was behind them. Rose got lassoed! Spirit stops and looks back and seen Rose with a lasso around her neck. He was angry. He went back to save her but he also got lassoed. They were fighting for a long time. Rose fought for three hours. Spirit fought for six hours. Finally they got to the fort. When the doors opened they walked in. Rose and Spirit seen all the ngựa trotting at the same time. They tried to get their attention but only one stopped. The horse behind him bumped...
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"Rose before bạn meet spirit,can bạn tell me about yourself?" Rain asked.
"Yes,well first of all i have no herd.And i am single." Rose said. They both laughed.
"And i have been bởi myself for 5 years." She added.
They where on the other side of the đồi núi, hill getting ready. A mountain lion hiding in the bushes,and it was getting ready to pounce.Then it leaped and landed on Rose. She was fighting fiercely. She bucked,kicked,reared,she even did what spirit did, reared and fell on her back.Finally,the mountain lion gave up and ran away. Rose was tired.
"Rose are bạn ok?" Rain asked.
"Yes just tired." Rose answered.
"Are bạn ready to meet the one so special in my life?"
"Yes." She said.
They walked up the đồi núi, hill to meet spirit on the other side.
End of chapter 3.
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Rain was galloping and looking for hours. She ran into many obstacles,like fighting a mountain lion. She had to take a break from looking so she fell asleep. The tiếp theo morning. Rain woke up and heard hoof beats. She looked around and sees nothing but she still hears it and it was getting louder. Finally she seen what it was. It was another mare! She was cantering gracefully. She stops in front of Rain. She looked like rain but different. She had Rains áo, áo khoác but her main and tail was brown. "Is that bạn Rain?" the mare said.
"Rose?" Rain said.
The both neighed happily.
"Can bạn come with me and see someone special in my life?" Rain asked.
"Sure." Rose said. They galloped together all the way home,side bởi side. Finally they got home. "Now Rose i want bạn to get cleaned up for us,ok?"
"You sound just like mom." Rose said.
"And yes i will." rose walks away and gets ready to meet rains boyfriend.
End of chapter 2.
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"That's it! I'm not running from bạn any thêm rain!" Rose yelled while stopping. Her nostrils were flaring. She was very angry. They started to battle. Rose kick her.Rain kicked her back. And the battle went on for two hours. Rain ran away scard to death. Rose won! Spirit was gone. "Spirit? Where are you?" she yelled. Then she blacked out.Or in other words got knocked out. She dreamed about spirit and herself getting married.A horse dragged her somewhere with ropes.

Chapter 12
Rose woke up in a cave.
"Where am i?" she said. She suddenly heard movement.
"Hello?" she called out. No one answered...
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I tình yêu spirit so much i made a petiton for a sequel! together we can hiển thị dreamworks that we tình yêu spirit and want to see a sequel! take a một phút to sign this petition, if we all pull together we can make it happen! [url]link [/url]

there is a 4 book series, SPIRIT,ESPERANZA,SEIERRA,AND BONITA.
esperanza is the story of spirits mom, bonita is esperanza's mom and seierra in rains mom , very good books!

all we have to do is hiển thị dreamworks that there is money to be made in a sequel, write dreamworks and ask about a spirit stallion of the cimarron sequel, keep spirit alive!
Spirit and Rose was eating fresh green cỏ until they heard something. Bang! They are back! Rose ran into the village.Spirit went after her. He couldn't find her! After a tepee fell down he seen her rear and galloped away with a Indian on her back. He chased after her then he sees where she was going.Toward connal! Connal aims toward them but spirit shoved him. But he didn't think all the way through that plan. Because Rose got shot! She fell into the river. Spirit ran after her on land and jumps into the water he got her on his back and hears something. A waterfall! He tried to get away...
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posted by LightSoul99

Author's Note; just a small written (actually, it's quite roughly written!) short story of Spirit's thoughts of his beloved, Rain. It's not my best kind of short story, but I just started back into nghề viết văn - so I am a bit rusty, ehehe .. aw well! enjoy!

I didn’t think this ngày would come.
Feeling her mane brush against my chest, her nose nuzzled into my skin with our legs intertwined in the spring flourishment. With eyes fluttering against the soft breeze that cooed, my eyes catch sight of her silk, pale and as radiant as the crystals in the snow. She was still heavily fast asleep I couldn’t...
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Rain and spirit was alone. Spirit walks up to Rain and says "Rain?"
"Yes" she answers.
"I am..." he clears his through,he was sweating all over.
"I am in tình yêu with..." he pauses.
"Who?" she asks curiously.
"Rose." he says softly.
Rain laughs and says "I am hearing things it sound like bạn đã đưa ý kiến bạn where in tình yêu with rose. Now who are bạn in tình yêu with?" she said.
"Rose." he said.
Rain had tears in her eyes.
"Rain.I..." he đã đưa ý kiến but before he could finish rain runs away without a word. She couldn't even look back. Spirit was still standing where he was. Finally he walks away silently.
He went to sleep.
End of chapter 7.
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After meeting rose his tim, trái tim was racing and he was sweating. After his long run he noticed Rose was trotting with grace past him. His tim, trái tim was racing once thêm while sweating,he knew that he was in tình yêu with Rose,he also knew it wasn't because of his long run. She looked back and continued to trot.
He continued to run but this time away from Rose so she doesn't see him. She looked back again and seen him running the opposite direction. She had a crush on spirit and she knows he has a crush on her. After awhile she turns around to go home. The mountain lion is back and attacked her again but he gave up again. Finally she got home."Home sweet home." she thought.Spirit saw her and trot away like he hadn't seen her yet. Finally it was night time. Everyone went to sleep.
End of chapter 5.
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