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posted by Areyoureal1
Saw a pic of Denis O'Hare in the lansing state journal, portraying
Edgar Allan Poe, thought for sure it was Kim Coates of Son of anarchy. Anyone else?
It's been a năm since the series finale aired, but many of us still suffer from Post-Traumatic SOA Disorder. Below are a danh sách of depressing SOA-related things bạn may encounter in everyday life. Effects of exposure to these things may range from a twang in your heartstrings to actual tears. PTSOAD can strike anywhere, anytime. (But is likely to occur on this page, so sorry about that.)

There are pictures, but I believe this to be relatively spoiler-free. Everything might not make sense to those of bạn who haven't finished the hiển thị yet, but I don't think any of this will ruin it for you. That...
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 Sons of Anarchy Jackets with Piston Owner Johnny Lucero
Sons of Anarchy Jackets with Piston Owner Johnny Lucero
Johnny Lucero's Piston Clothing produces the Sons of Anarchy Outerwear Collection

by Andrew Asch, Retail Editor California Apparel News, February 29, 2012

For years, brothers Johnny Lucero and Eric Anthony faced off in a friendly completion, each designing clothes for the hot-rod set. thêm recently, the family competition has played out through licensing biker jackets from được ưa chuộng TV shows and phim chiếu rạp with a need for speed. In December, Anthony’s Steady Clothing label, based in Santa Ana, Calif., licensed the satin racer’s áo khoác from the hit movie “Drive.” Lucero, who shares office space...
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I think it is hilarious and sad at the same time that the Sons writers have decided to play the race card as a vehicle for another side story.
nước ép, nước trái cây discovers that his father is a "black man" which of course, bởi American definition, makes him "black" as well.
This is hilarious because it isn't true and its sad because most Americans would tend to believe it.
It also illustrates the long held and propagated notion that anything is better than "black" as is evidenced bởi the whole premise that the Sons have no problem with nước ép, nước trái cây as a "puerto rican" but as a "black man" he is unacceptable.
If anyone đọc this thinks as I do that it is time to stop this nonsense check out this video and
A guide to all the các câu lạc bộ on fanpop related to
Sons of Anarchy.

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