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Sonic: OK, I'm inspecting a very important delivery at the house, so can bạn please call me if it arrives? I'll give bạn my cell phone number.
Ella: OK, yes. No problem, give me number.
Sonic: OK. 401-555-1125.
Ella: 4.
Sonic: *sighs* 40
Ella: 440.
Sonic: No I was just repeating the four. one 4.
Ella: 1..4..
Sonic: OK let's start over. 401.
Sonic:That was balanced.Ok.1125.
Sonic: There bạn go, bạn got it.
Sonic: What?
Ella: bạn said, "1125's" 155.
Sonic: No, not 11 and 25's. two ones.
Ella: 211125.
Sonic: Oh my God.
Ella: OK.How am I reading?
Sonic: I'm not giving quantities of the numbers, I'm giving bạn the numbers.1125, those are the last four numbers!
Ella:OK. 1.
Sonic: *sighs* 11.
Ella: 11.
Sonic: 2.
Ella: 2.
Sonic: 5.
Ella: 5.. Oh! I see..1125.
Sonic: Yes! 1125! Now read the number back to me!
Ella: Let me get my pen.
posted by CheetahGirl5147
Amazing stuff I tell bạn :D :D :D :D :D :D Come and see! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

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posted by LGYCE
A lot of people don't get the 06 story, and understandably so. The plot was extremely complicated, told from 3 different points of view at different times, and involved way thêm time travel than most people probably would have preferred. Thus, a lot of people end up not comprehending the story at all. I'm here to help with that.

One of the most frequent problems I've seen people have is "Why didn't Mephiles just kill Sonic himself in the first place?" Well, he needed Elise to become emotionally attached to Sonic before he was killed, else she wouldn't have cried, which was the entire point....
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posted by Dragonfruit44
Sonic: What happened?
Tails: bạn fell from the sky and was unconscious! Are bạn alright?
Sonic: I'm fine but...Who are you?
Tails: I'm your best buddy, Tails.
Sonic: I haven't seen bạn before in my life.
-Tails felt kind of heartbroken, hearing that from his best friend and brother, but he knew Sonic Mất tích his memory. He could probably regain it sooner hoặc later.-
Knuckles: bạn seriously don't remember, do you?
Sonic: No...Should I?
-Knuckles and Tails looked at each other and then explained how they met and about Eggman and about Sonic is always stopping him.-
Sonic: Sounds tough. And I can really run...
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Before some of bạn guys get mad and live hate comments. I like Blaze and I know not all of bạn Blaze fan's are like this. Anyway I have seen Blaze being sexualized all over the internment. bạn would think it would be Rouge getting sexualized right well no it Blaze then Amy is close second. I am fine with people sexualized any character's they wish but their is a point ware it gets creepy. bởi creepy I mean when bạn say bạn like Blaze because she can kick butt then a Blaze người hâm mộ Boy decides to talk to bạn about how hot she is and it get's wired fast. Also I have seen a person who dislikes her and...
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posted by LGYCE
 Who will win?
Who will win?
Everyone has a preference, Shadow hoặc Sonic. For a lot of people, one of them is their yêu thích character. And that's great. Everyone has an opinion, bạn can like who bạn want. But that's not what this bài viết is about. No, this is about who would win in a fight. And we're going bởi the game canon, so no comic abilities hoặc Sonic X stuff.

First, I'll be looking at each of their advantages over his opponent. Then, I'll apply those advantages to a canonically logical battle between the two, and after that a fight without morality. Let's get started! :D

Sonic: Sonic has several advantages over Shadow...
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 Most the anthropomorphic animals' Modern designs' eyes similar to some classic japanese/anime characters' eyes like some 1-3 generation Pokémon, some 1-3 generation Pokémon human characters, some Mega Man characters, some Keroro human characters, some B
Most the anthropomorphic animals' Modern designs' eyes similar to some classic japanese/anime characters' eyes like some 1-3 generation Pokémon, some 1-3 generation Pokémon human characters, some Mega Man characters, some Keroro human characters, some B
Still the Sonic main canon series are from and was created in Nhật Bản in the first place.

Japanese culture appeal examples
1. The anthropomorphic animals' Modern designs have a thêm anime-oriented style, resemble to some classic japanese/anime characters, Chibi-like anime characters/dolls/figures and Meowth from Pokémon.

2. Most the anthropomorphic animals' Modern designs' eyes similar to some classic japanese/anime characters' eyes like some 1-3 generation Pokémon, some 1-3 generation Pokémon human characters, some Mega Man characters, some Keroro human characters, some Bakusō Kyōdai Let's...
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posted by vanelandsisters
Told by: Miles 'Tails' J. Prower

Chapter 1: Where are Sonic and Amy?

I woke up and went into my siblings's beds to wake them up. I climbed up my sister's and brother's beds. To my surprise, they weren't there. "Huh. They always wait for me, even if they're already awake.", I thought. I went downstairs, figuring that they were eating breakfast. I was surprised and nervous when they weren't in the phòng bếp, nhà bếp hoặc living room eating breakfast. I searched all the rooms I could. "Maybe they're playing hide-and-seek hoặc another game like that... one that involves hiding.", I said. My mother came to me and...
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SonAmy, if they had a future together, part five

First of all, SonAmy will never happen in the future, read the 25 hoặc 30 năm letter comics and you'll see. một giây of all, I am the most evilest person one the planet. And third of all, the echidna need to be in the comics. If Knuckles is the last echidna alive, then he has no purpose being on angle island hoặc being the Guardian of the Mater emerald. THINK SEGA, THINK! Okay let's started shall we.

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posted by Dragonfruit44
-Sonic woke up the tiếp theo morning, forgetting the voice and Eggman completely. He ate some breakfast and headed to Tails house. When he got there everything was quiet. Strangely Quiet. Tails is usually up and working on the X Tornado bởi now, especially since it blew up in space.-
Sonic: Tails? bạn in here?
-Sonic knocked on the door and it opened. He walked in and the house was trashed, thực phẩm and plates scattered everywhere. There was a note on the fridge. It đã đưa ý kiến ' 1/10 friends. T is down, tiếp theo is K.'-
Sonic: What kind of sick joke is this? T must be for Tails...K has to be for Knuckles.
-Sonic ran...
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posted by Dragonfruit44
-There's a party at The Speed Demon. Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Cream, Cheese, Vanilla, and Amy are there with Nat, Nikki, Oliver and Crystal. Nat is wearing a party hat and a big banner is hung above saying 'Happy Birthday Natalie!'.
Crystal: Ok here comes the cake!
Nat: Yes! My mom makes the best cake in the whole world!
Oliver: I agree with that.
Crystal: Ok Nat, stop bragging.
Nat: Is it the really cool flavor?
Crystal: One part is chocolate, one part is vanilla, and one part is strawberry. So is the icing.
Nat: Yes! Now everyone will be happy!
-Crystal cut the cake and gave everyone a slice. the...
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Many people wonder about Dark Sonic, and exactly how he transforms into what he is. There are three ways Sonic could become his dark self, and they are explored here.

Theory One: The only "canon" time that Dark Sonic was seen was in the anime Sonic X. Now, we all agree that he transformed because he saw Chris and Cosmo suffer. But remember, they were two people. Another element that could have assisted in the transformation: the thousands of fake Chaos Emeralds around Sonic that he had encountered. Their massive-yet-finite energy could have helped to destabilize Sonic, allowing his intense rush...
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posted by Julie-Su2015
In the dark of the night a teenage girl ran through the dark forest. She ran as quickly as she she could, not looking back. She ran so fast that every breath of air she took sounded like a gasp for life. She heard voices behind her but she didn't dare stop and look. She got so frightened tears started streaming down her face. She tripped over a cây root and hit the ground so hard it knocked the air out of her. She lay there, motionless, for a few giây before she came to. Voices were all around her. She was so scared she could hardly move.
    “Leave me alone!” she...
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posted by Dragonfruit44
-Tails ran to Angel Island to see if anyting was happening there.-
Sonic: bạn see anything?
Tails: No... Nothing here...
Sonic: Are bạn ok?
Tails: Just a little...tired from tunning all the...way here...how do bạn not get tired?
Sonic: I get tired, I just don't hiển thị it.
Tails: We should find Knuckles. Maybe he's seen something helpful.
Sonic: Hopefully he heard bạn when bạn told everyone to keep their eyes open before they left their house earlier.
Tails: Maybe. I think I see him. Knuckles!
-Tails walked through the bushes. A small branch swept across his head and hit Sonic, knocking him off.-
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Katarina's P.O.V

Okay,so usually I don't get captured THAT easily.You know,me being trapped in the fist of a giant robot.Yeah,yeah.I mean I guess I kinda let my guard down for a few miliseconds.Even though that's exactly what I'm NOT supposed to do.I mentally cursed myself.That is until a hedgehog with the must beautiful eyes ever ran in...

The reason I was in Eggman's Base in the first place was because I was on a mission.I just needed to see how well secured this place is.
"Are bạn in?"A voice asked in my earpiece.
I sighed.
"I'm fine,Axel.Just relax.I'll contact bạn if I'm really in a slump."I...
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"Someone," Sonic said, "Gimme some rings and I will do something I don't like." He was holding up a sign that said, "Will play SMW for 100 rings". No one seemed to notice. He saw another hedgehog holding a sign that said, "Will play Sonic the Hedgehog for 200 rings". Shadow quickly noticed Sonic and put the sign back. "Hey! Long time, no see, Shadow!" Sonic said. "Hmph," Shadow đã đưa ý kiến in response. "Looks like we're both đường phố, street rats, huh?" Sonic asked. "Hmph", was all he got back in response. Sonic got a curious look on his face."Well, maybe we can work together and raise enough rings to buy a...
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Okay so today we are going to be talking about a problem. Its about the Freedom Fighters. What is the problem bạn may ask wellllll... So Sonic ended his partnership with archie and now the rights go to i.d.w. well are the freedom fighters going to be in the new comics? cause if they aren't then bạn know what will happen the tiếp theo generation of sonic những người hâm mộ (if sonic is hopefully alive bởi then.) will not know about the freedom fighters. and bạn know what will happen? well kids are influenced right? bạn know what will influence them when they find this fanbase? cause for sure some archie and satam...
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posted by ameliarose2002
Why is Amy Rose a Princess?

I never thought Amy could be a Princess, but I have three points for how she could be a princess.

1: 'Princess Sally Acorn and Amy Rose confusion', Amy was called 'Princess Sally Acorn' at one point... Was Amy supposed to be a Princess at one point? - Sonic người hâm mộ base

2: 'King Rob O' the Hedge', is Amy's cousin, apparently, Rob doesn't have any siblings, so if Rob đã đưa ý kiến no to the crown, that would make Amy royal. And would have meant that she wouldn't have met Sonic, because she had to learn the royal ways if she was going to became Queen. - Sonic comics owned bởi Archie and SEGA

3: In 'Knights if the round table' Amy was 'Lady of the lake'. She looked part royal, and she seemed to know what was wrong with the King... Was she once a Princess hoặc lived in the lâu đài at one point? - Sonic game owned bởi SEGA

bạn decided in the các bình luận if Amy is 'Princess Amy Rose' hoặc not.
Getting Super Sonic in Sonic 1 iOS
1. Select no save mode
2.Tap S, E, G, A in order; ring chime indicates done correctly
4. Tap with 2 fingers and swipe up from "Sonic" at the tiêu đề screen
5. Set ngọc lục bảo count to 7
6. Sound test: 4, 1, 2, 6, (all emeralds)
7. Sound test:: 1, 9, 9, 1, 0, 6, 2, 3 (activates debug menu)
8. Now, go to whichever Zone/Act bạn want.
9. Tap the Score/Time/Ring area; Sonic will become a ring. Tap Score/Time/Ring area to revert back to Sonic in location of where bạn are currently (DON'T revert in lava, right tiếp theo to a badnik, in dangerous spots in general).
10. Tap the + or...
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Just some stories for fun. Numbered for convenience.

1. Shadow was late to Silver's latest huge party, as usual. He was speedy, but wanted to keep looking cool and edgy. So he was late. Mostly everything was average party chaos, but Sonic was lying unconscious near the cú đấm bowl, with red splashed across his mouth and face. Tails was staring at him, when Shadow asked "What happened to him?" "Oh, Knuckles spiked the punch." "Then I don't think bạn should be drinking it." Shadow replied. Tails looked at his cup. "No, not like that. Knuckles punched Sonic with his spiked fists." Shadow thought...
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