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posted by Tailsfan8
Name: Miley Power

Species: Two-tailed Fox

Age: 13

Backstory: (see Miley Power's full backstory! part 1 and 2)

Boyfriend: Miles "Tails" Prower

BFF: Mixy the Manx Cat and Sugar the Hedgehog

Theme Song: Tik Tok - Ke$ha

Family: Doesn't remember them well, but she does remember that she had 2 brothers, 4 sisters and a mom and a dad. She's the youngest.

Talents: Can play the piano, guitar, drums, and can sing (she has the most beautiful voice in Mobius).
She can fly (like Tails), can run very fast (not as fast as Sonic), and is pretty strong (not as strong as Knuckles).

yêu thích color: màu hồng, hồng (she would rather magenta over any other kind of pink)

Team name: Don't know yet

Team members: Miley Power, Sugar the Hedgehog, Mixy the Manx Cat

Team theme song: Don't know yet
 Miley Power age 13
Miley Power age 13
Miley Power was born in an unknown part of Mobius. She was captured bởi Dr. Eggman when she was only a little cáo, fox about 5 years of age. Ever since then, she has been with him. Miley knew that Eggman was an evil genius and tryed to find the best time to escape. She watched him get defeated over and over again bởi a mystery blue hedgehog and trained behind Dr. Eggman's back to be as good as the hedgehog. When she learned how to fly useing her two tails, run very fast, and became pretty strong, Miley set out to find a way out. When she found a way to escape, she found a chaos emerald. Dr. Eggman...
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posted by Lilly443
Another one of my fangirls

Name: Carmel

species: hedgehog

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Fave color: brown

Fave food: mac&cheese

What she/he can't live without: baseball hat

Skills: can do flips, kicks, somersaults

Team:Alpha wolfs

Theme song: Monster (remix)- bởi meg and dia

Team's theme song: summer time girl- bởi the bratz

Team members: Snowflake voo voo(fly) Sugar the bat (power)

crush: Sonic and Manic

Hates: tails

hope bạn like her!
she is headstrong and loving. she may be struck at points but with her might and powers she can hiển thị the boys who's boss! boys watch out Carmel is in the house!
posted by Lilly443
It was a strict 12pm. Crizmon and Lovey were having a raw. “Crizmon! Listen to me, bạn ha-” Franny began “No, I won’t! I refuse!” Crizmon đã đưa ý kiến sharply “Please… please…” “Go ahead, but be quick” He snapped at her “Your making the wrong choice… your probably thinking I’m saying this to break bạn up, hoặc make bạn late. But I’m not. All I’m saying is that bạn and Melondy… well, I think bạn can do so much better.” “What makes your so sure? bạn listened to that girlfriend song?” “No.” “Well?” “Just go… your be late” Lovey left and started to cry....
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 Miley Power age 13
Miley Power age 13
Miley Power found that the blue hedgehog's name was Sonic. She also met Amy, Cream, and Cheese. Miley stayed with them from there on. A few days after they all met, Tails asked Miley if she wanted to go on a picnic. Miley đã đưa ý kiến yes and they went that afternoon. During the picnic, Tails gave her a chuỗi hạt, chuỗi hạt cườm with a T with dimonds on it. The T was for Tails. Right after that, Miley gave Tails a cái vặn vít, tuốc nơ vít with a M on it 'cause she heard Tails say he needed a new one. The M was for Miley. Ever since then, they have been dating. A few days after that, Miley and Amy went shoping and Miley found the dress she has on now. Her dress before was thêm of an 8 năm old's dress.
posted by Lilly443
Roxia's Story~ (part 1)

... 14 years cách đây in one of the hospital rooms was a young mother holding a newborn baby girl who had a type of redish lông, lông thú and dark brown eyes,
her mother carefully raped the baby's body in a warm cloth before wispering in a calm loving voice;
"your...beautiful.... roxianna lilly rus-" was all she had wispored before noticing a doctor with a check list.
"she' wont survive the night... she's just too small and her tim, trái tim is too weak" the doctor wispored before putting his two fingers on the baby's cheast to feel her heart-beat. he sighed before looking at the mother.
"it isnt...
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One stormy night at the Moubis hospital in loganberry woods a new born rabbit was born. "what shall we name her?",said her mother. Her father said," I don't know. maybe we should have one thêm look at her to find out?" The happy couple looked at the sweet little child. "Lovey" Her mother said, "lovey is the perfect name for her!" "are bạn sure?" Her father said. "yes" Her mother said.

After they went to the hospital Lovey's father went right on to teaching her how to do certain stuff. he thought her how to draw, run, sing, fight,swim, and even build!!! Lovey was so happy about attention to her...
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