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5 years later:
Silver:(thinking) it's been five years since Magic has left us. We all have been mourning her death ever since then. I was walking towards the field where Magic had made the decision that changed our lives forever. Everyone has visited her grave in the hero's cemetery. I mean everyone. Eggman came once a week, crying, with lavender roses. Everyone has been affected bởi Magic's death in different ways. The one who has been affected the most was luna, she once đã đưa ý kiến she was going to commit suicide, but đã đưa ý kiến Magic was stopping her. We ignored that, thinking she'd gone crazy with grief....
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posted by CosmoLuvsTails
Kylie the Hedgehog was Amber's best friend until about a năm ago. She swore an alligence to the Evil side, and kept it a secret until two weeks later.

She works as a 'henchman' to Gwendoline (Dark Amber)
and is a double act with Satara. She hasn't told him yet, but she is secretly in tình yêu with Shadow.

Although Kylie is a bad guy, she decided ages cách đây that she really actually prefered being good and having fun, but she knew it was too late to do anything about it. She hates picking on her former best friend, but she's got too much peer pressure to do anything about it.

She loathes working for Gwendoline and who can blame her? She's having to work for a bossy, bad tempered 11 năm old. Satara hates it too.
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