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 baby magic
baby magic
Five days earlier:
Day 1:
Eggman:why I
s she crying?
Metal Amy:(sighs) thank bạn for giving me a female brain and other things woman need to have, do, hoặc know (picks me up and starts to change my diaper)
Day 2:
Me:(plays with the other robots)
Bokkun:it's funny how she can be so destructive and it's hard to stay mad at her
Decone:that's very true
Becone:will bạn guys help me?! So which is better the purple dress hoặc the blue?
Day 3:
Decone:(hiding his face with his hands) where's the baby? Where's baby
Decone:(uncovers his face) there she is!
The others...
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 The cool cầu vồng the cáo, fox (better than cosmo)
The cool Rainbow the fox (better than cosmo)
It was a stormy ngày at Mobius and Tails stared out the window glumly he sighed 'great' he thought 'just when i finally turn 17 i cant go out' but an giờ later there was a cầu vồng and it was sunny. 'YES ok im off out see u Cosmo honey' he called 'ok Tails dear be careful' it was warm and beautiful. he walked closer to the cầu vồng it was leading towards the forest and he saw a figure cầu vồng coloured 'probably just the rainbow' he thought to himself but this figure something was there NO some ONE...he thought of turning back and telling Cosmo after all she WAS his girlfriend but...
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