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Sonic người hâm mộ Character thông tin các nhân Creator


If character has one, REAL name:
Reason for Name:

Age currently
Age at beginning of story:
Age character appears to be:



Primary Color (Main fur/skin):
Secondary Color (Mouth, chest, ect.):

Other Eye-details:

Does character have hair?:
(If so, the following)
Color of hair:
Style of hair:
Does character have this type of hair often?:
If not, what other types/colors are there?:


Scars/Markings (Tattoos, ect.):

Distinguishing marks:

Body type (Fat, skinny, healthy, fair, ect.)

If so, how long?:...
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Ok,So this is a constant argument between fans,who is better?The face of gaming,mario hoặc the blast-processing rodent,sonic?well today I got a little theory in honor of 2013,I'm hopefully going to end this argument between both người hâm mộ bases once and for all.So first thing first,lets start with both sides abilities and powers.

(Please note,To reserve time seeing my computer is about to crash,I copied and pasted all this information from the mario wiki and sonic wiki while making a few edits,all information is correct.)

Mario's abilities

-Mario's main (trademark) ability is his Jump, which allows...
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Was originally one of the black arms he is an adopted son for doom him self after his scientist after shadow beat him tried to re-create the ultimate life form but with the black alien DNA. Well he done it Nova was a price was going to take over the ngôi vua, ngai vàng but didn't because he throat all this destruction was to much and fled never to return to doom.

After about 200 years hiding alone in a forest he found some sweet chó sói, sói called Evolia now his story begins.

He is just looking for some Những người bạn and trying to make the world a batter place.
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 Zip The chó sói, sói
Zip The Wolf
Zipnodus (Zip) Roger Fracture is a 17 grey and white grey chó sói, sói from Crescent Island. His parents are separated, which resulted with him being raised bởi his father, Umbrax, and his sister, Ziggnimosis (Ziggy) was raised bởi his mother, Nite. Zip comes from a long line of proud and ruthless savages did what they wanted when they wanted, however, he doesn't seem to hiển thị any form of care for such. At age 14, he took part in a elite battler association called The Elite Fighters. He was ranked 9 on the scales from 1 to 20, but he left the association because not one would challenge him. Currently,...
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bởi SonicSong182
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Nhím Shadow
maria robotnik the hedgehog
espio the chameleon
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This is a suggestion sheet. Here I will danh sách off rules that are part of the club currently and will not be changed, as well as suggestions for rules, and leave the các bình luận for what bạn want as rules.

Solid Rules (unchangeable Rules basically)

~No sexuality: No over-showing of cleavage hoặc sexual body parts, no sexual gestures, no blatant porn, no Yuri hoặc Yao, in roleplays, stories, hoặc pictures. This club has already gone through a tháng of porn pictures being flashed on it and we don’t want that to start up again. It doesn’t matter if characters are married, in love, hoặc if it’s just TOUCHING...
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