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posted by BatLord113
Hello all from who know's where okay! Now then...
A Noraml Chao bạn have to wait for them to hatch hoặc it will take A-LOT of time for them to like you. So be EXTRA careful! Now then. This type of Chao has yellow toes, hands, tip on the head, and their little floating ball that holds nutrients. The rest of the chao is a light blue. The eyes are a dark blue. And the wings are pink. A young Normal Chao will crawl and are GENTEL!!! So what that means is if bạn trow it againest the tường all the time bạn will cause your Chao to decide to die! So don't do that. EVER! Mostly a Normal Chao will want to...
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First, hatch a normal (spotted egg) with Sonic. Next, give the Chao green chaos drives with Sonic and Shadow, it will start turning green. (there's a cheat for reusing chaos drives). Then, if bạn increase the Chao's stamina to level 6-8, it will eventually evolve, and it will be vôi green, 3 spikes, and brown toes. Finally, continue giving it green chaos drives, but with only Sonic. When done, it will be rich blue, and the ears (for some reason) will resemble Sonic. If those are on your Chao, bạn have a Sonic Chao!
posted by hfkklg
Chao Basics
To gain access to your Chao, bạn must venture into Chao World. To go to Chao World, bạn must find a 'Chao Box' in one of the levels. When bạn break open the Chao Box, bạn will find a key inside. When bạn collect this key, bạn will be warped to Chao World at the end of the level.

There are three Chao Boxes in each level. The first one will contain the key to Chao World. In the một giây box will be four ngẫu nhiên động vật from that stage. In the third (final) box will be the "special" animal in that stage. See the animal sections for thêm information on this.

Once bạn are in Chao World,...
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First, hatch a normal (spotted egg) with Shadow. Next, give the Chao chaos drives with Shadow only. It will turn brownish-black (probably). Then, when bạn increase the Chao's stamina to level 9-12, it will eventually evolve. Finally, continue giving it chaos drives until it turns black and red (this may take a while). When done, it will be black and blood red, and 2 spikes that go down and 1 that stays up, and the ears will 70% resemble Shadow. Your Chao is done! bạn now have a Shadow Chao! Go to my thông tin các nhân and I'll tell bạn all help about Chao.
posted by jayden091003
One day, Sonic was defeating the Egg Hornet, when Tails called and said, "Sonic! bạn need to watch over a Chao!" Then Sonic asked, "Really? What kind of Chao?" Tails said, "A Dark Chao!" Sonic's jaws dropped. "This isn't gonna be easy!" Sonic exclaimed. "What's his name?" Tails said, "Brian." Sonic said, "I remember him! He's the one I spent 11 hours trying to babysit him! I have to do it again!?" Tails said, "Yep!" Sonic gone to the Dark Garden and saw Brian. "Gulp!" Sonic said. He said, "Hey little guy!" Brian said, "Why do bạn care!? I have to go to school even on weekends! The only days I stay trang chủ is on Spring Break, Winter Break, and Summer Break!" Brian, don't be like this, Sonic said, "Everything will be just fine!"