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posted by tmkwebby
personality:sweet and sassy,but if bạn make her mad,you better run hoặc hide![don't say i didn't warn you!]

friend:everyone[exept one person]





history:used to be a world-class agent,but one day
she was ambushed bởi villians,and got knocked out.but when she woke up,some mysterious person had saved her.the mysterious person dropped her off beside tail's lab.tails took her in and entroduced her to the crew.she has found a house now and quit being an agent.she is best Những người bạn with everyone.[exept one person]she has had a crush on sonic ever since she has met him.

enemy:amy[because she likes sonic]

powers:can change bodies,phycic,and can take away someone else's powers and use them.

goal:to find out who the mysterious person was.
me:this a story about shadow and amy
amy is getting ready for her ngày with sonic
amy:i think i look good
at sonic's doorstep
amy:[talking to self]hi sonic,i mean,what's up cutie
5 phút pass
amy:i wonder if the door is locked
amy fiddles with the door
amy:ooh,it's unlocked
amy goes in,then to sonic's room
she can't help seeing a picture on his desk
amy:awww,he put a picture of us on his desk
she picked the picture up and looked at it
amy:what this isn't of us,it's a pic of sally
just then,sonic came into the room
sonic:what's up,babe
amy:no,not what's up babe,what is this
sonic:babe,you don't have to worry...
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sally:good morning
shadow was still asleep on the beach
shadow woke up
shadow:[yawning]good morning
sally gave him a good morning kiss
sally:i better get home,cream was going to come see me
shadow:i'll ride bạn home
as they were riding home,sally saw someone on the side of the was sonic and amy
sally:look,there's our x's
shadow:i don't care
sally:yes bạn do,i can see it in your eyes
sally:maybe bạn did like amy
shadow:i don't want to talk about it
sally:hmmm...did she tình yêu you
shadow wouldn't answer
sally:what made her special
shadow still wouldn't answer
sally:were you...
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the night after sally went to the doctor shadow got a phonecalll
shadow:well hey,sal
shadow:what's the matter
sally:i-i went to the doctor today
sally:i was feeling wierd so i went to the doctor...
shadow:what do bạn know
shadow:is it just in your head
sally:no i'm...
shadow:just over-reaccting
sally:they đã đưa ý kiến i was already a week pregnant
shadow:what are we gonna do
sally:i'll think of something
sally:my due ngày is january 5th
shadow:well,call me find out what it is
when sally was going to hang up,shadow stopped her
shadow:i tình yêu you
me:this story is about tails and cosmo's love
tails:hi cosmo,want to go for a walk
cosmo:i'd tình yêu to
tails and cosmo walked through the woods
tails:everyone says bạn like me,is it true
cosmo:you want the truth
tails:of course i do
cosmo:well,of course i do,but...
slowly,cosmo grabbed tails hands
tails:what are bạn doing
without saying a word,cosmo bent over kissing tails
tails:i tình yêu you,cosmo
on cosmo's doorstep
tails:good night
cosmo:good night,see bạn tommorrow
tails:for sure
cosmo leans over,giving him a Kiss goodnight
cosmo goes inside
at tails lab,the tiếp theo morning,sonic shows up
sonic:did bạn have a good time last night
tails:if bạn only knew
me:this is about shadow and sally
shadow:[talking to self]choosing sonic over me
while walking,shadow sees someone in the distance
he gets up closer and sees sally
sally:[talking to self and crying]oh sonic,why did bạn do this to me
shadow:ummmm....are bạn okay
sally:[feeling better]i'm fine,i'm fine
shadow:it's late,i'll give bạn a ride home
sally:i was going to the beach
shadow:okay,i'll take bạn to the beach,then
meanwhile at the beach
sally:i always feel better at the beach
sally:can i ask bạn a question
sally:did bạn really tình yêu amy
shadow:of course i...
sally:i want the truth...
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me:this is about knuckles and rouge
rouge was walking trang chủ and eggman kidnapped her
meanwhile,knuckles is in a cafe' beside where she was
at eggman's hideout
eggman tied rouge on a rope above a pool[she can't swim
he lit huge candels
eggman:cut the rope
robot:prepare to die
knuckles slamms through the door
knuckles:prepare to get your faces rearanged
two robots run toward him on the bridge to the room
knuckles slips and falls off the bridge
when he gets up one of the big candels falls and
makes a fire
rouge gets free and falls[with her wings not tied she dodged the pool
eggman and his robots locked all...
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me:this features Catrina the Cat
catrina:so,you want some of my old agent tools
sonic:come on
sonic:oh well,i guess i won't take bạn to dinner
catrina:i guess i will ignore you
catrina:sonic,i don't see why bạn think you're such a hot shot
sonic:i don't see why your pretty
sonic:prissy,i don't see why your so prissy
sonic turns around and any walkes in and jumps in his arms
amy:he...what is SHE doing here
catrina:HE came over here to bother me
then,espio walks in
espio:give daddy some sugar
just when catrina starts to lean...
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Well hello every body its been a long time since I made this club.and thank bạn to all the những người hâm mộ that joined this club.thank bạn for all the video and articles.The first người hâm mộ that joined my club when I first made it was zelda4559.thanks to the people who uploade video and pictures and đã bình luận on some things.but this club could use thêm pictures.But anyway im the real creator of this club my thông tin các nhân name is Super_Sonic.try to get some of your Những người bạn to tham gia this club to and bình luận on everything else.
amy and shadow where talking on the couch
shadow:you talk to much
shadow leaned in to Kiss amy
just then,someone was at the door
amy:i'll get it
amy opens the door
sonic was standing there
sonic:i need too talk to you,amy
amy closes the door[she is outside]
amy:[folding her arms]what
sonic:amy,i swear nothing happened,that's from when we were dating
amy:then why was it on your desk
sonic:i sat it there until i threw it away
amy:you threw it away
sonic:yes,i swear
amy:somehow,i believe you
sonic:that's my girl
amy:actually,i'm not your girl
sonic:what do bạn mean
amy:i'm with shadow,but we can be friends
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posted by Super_Sonic
Ok everyone i would like to say hello and thank bạn for joining my club and im glad that everyone is having fun I would also like for all of bạn to post thêm photos' hoặc video hoặc whatever because im gonna be upgrading the club very soon which means it'll be under construction so yeah.Anyway I just want to leave everyone with this as a thank bạn for joining and I tình yêu all my người hâm mộ and Những người bạn so right now im gonna go to giường because its 12:40 AM and I have school in the morning so see bạn all soon.:)