Sofia Đệ Nhất My Sofia The First theories, viewer advice, and more.

disneylyric posted on Aug 23, 2013 at 11:17PM
Now, like many fans here, I didn't intend to see or enjoy the show Sofia The First. But when I saw her, I got hooked. I checked around to see if other fans saw what I saw in her, and what surprised me was that not many fans did. I noticed that there were a lot of questions about her as well. Being a fan fiction writer, I was drawn to tell the story of Sofia's future-specifically, her transformation from young girl to young woman. I started to draw Sofia-literally-after seeing some pictures of her, and I found out that the design on her skirt wasn't floral, as I had presumed-those "flowers" were Celtic crosses, giving the theory of Sofia's birth father being deceased some evidence. I also noticed that the drawing Flora drew in the song "Step by Step" at Sofia's orientation had the princess resembling Sofia to a fairly large degree-therefore a nod to her future was made. After seeing a few episodes and hearing about people noting Sofia's similarities to her preceding princesses, I noticed they had points-but that Sofia, overall, brought the character of Prince Phillip to my mind. Sofia is clumsy, equestrian, gaining knowledge from the water, a free spirit between the natural and civilized worlds. I had been hearing many complaints about her pale features, and I have one thing to say-if she takes after Phillip to such a severe extent, her skin and hair will very likely darken over time. So Hispanics and Latinos, hold your fire. She's not done growing yet. If you don't have the patience to write a fan fiction about her future, then just go on with your regular criticisms. Just remember it's a kid's show. I admit I came into some things with my fairly mature brain, then had to remind myself of the show's age and the fact that it works symbolically-like any Disney film, everything means something. I could tell immediately that Sofia would be following in Belle's footsteps, not Snow White's-she was too unusual of a girl. She reminded me of myself at seven a little, in fact-naive and insecure. We even have similar penmanship. I even have an idea that the Amulet of Avalor has a much more complex, secret history-such as actually being the greatest of the three Amulets of Avalon. I hope I'm not the first to state my ideas about the show here.

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