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So many of bạn may know that a Skulduggery Pleasant movie IS planned, and the rights to the film have been sold to Warner Bros. However, very little is known about what the actual film will be like.
So far, it has been confirmed that Derek Landy will be nghề viết văn the screenplay, so it is an toàn, két an toàn to assume the film will be as true to the book as possible. DL has trước đó experience nghề viết văn screenplays, including the non-family friendly Boy Eats Girl starring Samantha Mumba.
Originally the film was planned for release in 2010, and to be filmed in 2009. This has since been set back with casting and script...
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actors who would fit for the film
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Fletcher, Draco, Myra and Night all looked at the mutilated body in the ally "third one this week bro" đã đưa ý kiến Draco looking at Fletcher, he nodded "another vampire attack" đã đưa ý kiến Night, her fists clenched, she hated vamps, all the team members hated them, Fletcher pulled out his mobile, selected China's name and held it to his head.
"Yes dear" she said
"Inform the Elders, this vamp attack is getting too out of hand for us" đã đưa ý kiến Fletcher
"Well I knew that after the một giây attack so I called someone to help a teen Elemental called Ignis Terra"
"Ok, when will this Ignis Terra get here?"
"He's right behind...
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This bài viết has a few theories about certain parts of the books:
Theory 1.
To get the Remnant out of Tanith all we need to do is-
1. Force her into Dr Nye's old lab as that casues people to die but remain conscious
2. Get Dr Nye to use its research into the soul and pull the Remnant away from Tanith's soul
3. If that doesn't work, just put Tanith at peace
Theory 2.
Argeddion's magic before finding his True Name is unknown, but I have an idea. It's Sensitive, I think this because-
1. It explains why he was able to control people's minds
2. It would explain how he could read minds
Theory 3.
You know...
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