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“It couldn’t be anymore of a beautiful day, could it, Merlin?
“Uh… No, sire.”
Looking up from the chain-mail that was positively sparkling, Merlin frowned. The prince, his master and his best friend – the one and the only, Arthur Pendragon – clapped his hands together.
“Well, what are bạn sitting there for, then?”
“You asked me to polish your chain-mail. Gosh, don’t bạn remember anything these days?” Merlin asked, rolling his eyes.
“I remember how annoying bạn are,” Arthur muttered. “Anyways, I don’t want bạn to polish my chain-mail anymore.”
“Sheesh, make...
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Standing in a clearing with Merlin’s evil twin, Jethro, a big and scary and blue monster named Gary, and now Mordred – the dude who wanted to kill Arthur – would make anyone a little scared. But scared enough to turn and run screaming away? Not our fearless four!

Arthur turned and ran, screaming, away, but Merlin grabbed the back of his shirt. “Where do bạn think you’re going, mate?”
Mordred stood beside Jethro, radiating evil and cuteness. He was only a little boy, after all. He smiled at Merlin, Arthur, Donna and the Doctor. “I thought bạn would’ve guessed bởi now,” he said,...
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“It’s not a very steady ride,” Arthur Pendragon – the good looking prince of Camelot – said, picking himself up off the floor of the TARDIS for the sixth time.
“It’s got too many buttons,” the Doctor replied. He smacked a big, green one and everyone fell over. “Ha! Everyone off.”
They all clambered out of the TARDIS and Merlin looked around in awe. “We actually moved. This is so flipping awesome!!!”
“We’re at the northern borders,” đã đưa ý kiến Arthur. “The monster could be anywhere around here.” A branch snapped behind him and he spun around, whipping out his sword....
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