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CeCe's P.O.V

'Cause bạn had a bad ngày your taking one down bạn sing a sad song jut to turn it around. I was listening to Danial Powers 'Bad Day' becuase today I was having one. For one Deuce and Dina broke up. 2 Ty still hasn't noticed me. 3 I got insulted bởi Gunther and Tinka 4 I got up late and I was late for school. 5 Since i got up late I didn't have time to do my hair and make-up so I looked like a mess. 6 We had gym. And 7 I forgot mmy homework at home. I sighed and collapsed on the stairs.

"I hate today!" I yelled, then I realzed I still looked like a train wreck so I ran back inside fixed...
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