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Shadow's POV:
Sonic and I would always be the best frenemies ever. "Sonic-" I gasped, about to stop him as he ran behind Mecha Knuckles, but I shut up when I realized what he was doing. He was using the tactic we always used... getting the robot to smash itself! Yes! I willed him on silently as he landed on Mecha Knuckles' back and was about to leap off, just as the idiotic robot brought it's fist down... but he couldn't and he flailed in mid-air. Then I saw what was wrong... His foot had gotten caught in the slot... "Sonic no!" I cried as the robot's fist came down. Without thinking, I sped...
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It was getting dark fast. Kodi and Jessy were at a cliff near Angel Island. "Now how are we supposed to get there." pondered Kodi "You know, I just thought of something. What happened to the Flying Pirates?" Almost as if on cue, the Flying pirates ship appeared, headed for Angel Island. Kodi and Jessy hopped aboard, unnoticed. Before the ship came within 100 feet of the island, Jessy flew Kodi over to the island. There the saw the alter, the Master Emerald, and everyone gathered around it. Knuckles and the pirates were yelling and threatening each other, when suddenly, Eggman came out with...
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