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Shadamy, is a couple that makes sense. Sonamy những người đang yêu I'm about to prove bạn wrong. Shadamy makes lots of sense in many ways. First let's start with Sonic and Amy.

Sonic always run away from Amy, and SEGA say's he runs away cause he's shy. That can't be true. Sonic often mutters hoặc groans when Amy chase's him hoặc flirts with him, which show's sign's of irritation. Which means he annoyed. Some who is shy could run away but grunting and groaning and getting annoyed is not being SHY. And let's not forget SEGA can't change what happened in Sonic Universe 30 years later. Sonic got married with Sally...
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Sonic hates Amy, and often would ask Rouge to flirt with him to make her jealous. (True fact) Amy would have to see that Sonic likes Rouge, and Shadow has no one to be with him. Amy, being the soft-centered, sweet, lovable gal that she is, would comfort Shadow. After a while, Amy would see that shadow is much thêm than a hedgehog made from alien DNA, that was supposed to be a living weapon. While Sonic is happy with Rouge, Amy would be happy with Shadow. Shadow would also see that Amy cares for him.

Shadow- The hedgehog made of alien DNA, made my Gerald Robotnik, to be the ultimate living weapon, would tình yêu Amy, the ultimate damsel in distress. Shadow would be Amy's hero, and Maria would be proud of him. Maria had told Shadow, " I want bạn to bring happiness to the people of Earth, and befriend them, and to be the ultimate cure for them..." So begins the Shadamy tình yêu life
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