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posted by maritina12345

“Selena has become thêm and thêm insecure because of the way Justin is with his fans,” đã đưa ý kiến a source.

Sources say Sel is becoming increasingly jealous of her boyfriend's relationship with his female fans!

“Justin is a real flirt and loves the attention. While he tells Selena there’s nothing in it, she can’t help but feel upset about it and she told him so.”

Being jealous is not healthy, though it does sometimes happen! Sel doesn't want all the pressure and has confessed she never wanted to be a role model:

“I never really đã đưa ý kiến I want to be a role model. But then when it happened I was so down for it,” she said.

“I’m human, I’m not perfect. I make mistakes all the time, but I guess my job is to keep those mistakes to myself, which I’m already fine doing and just try to be the best I can be for those kids.”
posted by Greekgirlishere
ngày of Birth
22 July 1992, Grand Prairie, Texas, USA

Birth Name
Selena Marie Gomez


5' 5" (1.65 m)

Mini Biography
Selena Marie Gomez was born to Mandy Cornett and Ricardo Gomez on July 22, 1992. At a young age, she moved from New York to Grand Prairie, Texas. Giving birth to Selena at 16, her mom Mandy recalls living "paycheck-to-paycheck". Selena started out on "Barney" (1992) as "Gianna" in 2001 where she really discovered her talent. Unfortunately, they dropped her from the series after just two years. In 2003, she had a very small role in the movie Spy Kids 3-D: Game...
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Do bạn like Selena Gomez? We tell bạn all about Selena Gomez how she became one of the singers and the most famous các nữ diễn viên of her generation. The lovely Selena Gomez made an amazing journey to get there is not there bởi chance. The beautiful Selena Gomez has recently released his latest song “Off The Rain”became famous through the series Wizards of Waverly Place though Disney had already seen since the age of 12. The portion of Selena Gomez on Hannah Montana, the series a hit in the United States has made superstar Selena Gomez today contibue and the nguồn of its success. But the Rosalinda...
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Selena is looking ahead to the future and thinking about recording a new CD.

Kiss and Tell has been a big hit and now she is thinking about what will be her tiếp theo big project.

Selena has được trao những người hâm mộ a few hints about what to expect from her tiếp theo album: thêm techno! She wants her new CD to be thêm mature and have something a little different from the âm nhạc she has made before. She đã đưa ý kiến that she is taking some inspiration for her new style from pop diva Britney Spears, whose older songs she likes a lot.

It is great that she is inspired bởi other stars, but we hope she doesn't lose her own style because of this. She needs to find her own unique sound - after all, she is one-of-a-kind!
posted by superDivya
All at once

You know inside
Let's ride, across the stars tonight
Love has been so long the way for us
So long bạn gonna know
And tonight, your soul is scared to ride
So first time saw you
Nothing makes tình yêu so true

All at once
I needed bạn thêm than bạn know
all at once
I needed to melt like a snow
All at once
I wanted bạn in my life
I hope that there's tình yêu tonight
All at once
I needed bạn in my dreams
All at once
I needed bạn to tình yêu me
All at once
I wanted to fly so high
I hope there's thêm tình yêu tonight

Strange of the eye
SO true

Fairytale so real
When bạn and I are dancing
You make...
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posted by maritina12345
 The Sky Is Everywhere With Sel<33
The Sky Is Everywhere With Sel<33
Selena's heading back to the silver screen! The superstar is going to be starring in an adaptation of the book The Sky is Everywhere.

The book is bởi Jandy Nelson, and is about a 17-year-old called Lennie Walker who's a typical "nerd" - she loves reading, plays in the school band, and is always upstaged bởi her older sis Bailey.

But things get complicated for Lennie when Bailey dies suddenly. Bailey's boyfriend Toby looks to Lennie for help, and so does a new cute guy Joe. Lennie has to deal with the loss of her sis, plus an unexpected tình yêu life.

Sel's going to play Lennie. Who would be a good actress to play her older sister? Does this sound like a movie you'd see?
Turn my back to the door
Feel so much better now
Don't even try anymore
Nothing left to lose
There's a voice that's in the air
Saying don't look back nowhere
There's a voice that's always there

And I'll never be
Quite the same as I was before
This part of bạn still remains
Though it's out of focus
You're just somewhere that I've been
And I won't go back again
You're just somewhere that I've been

I'm breathing in, breathing out
Ain't that what it's all about
Living life crazy loud
Like I have the right to
No thêm words in my mouth
Nothing left to figure out, but
I don't think I'll ever break through
The ghost of...
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posted by dolphin4710
Selena's yêu thích things

1. yêu thích song rockstar
2. yêu thích color green
3. yêu thích store hollister
4. yêu thích scent baby powder
5. yêu thích cereal ca cao pebbles
6. yêu thích kẹo snickers
7. yêu thích thực phẩm pickels
8. yêu thích movie wizard of oz
9. yêu thích hiển thị reportedly
10. yêu thích holiday halloween
11. yêu thích tháng july
12. yêu thích cartoon kim possible
13. yêu thích sport basketball
14. yêu thích animal tiger
posted by unaiza
xin chào Guys here are some strange pics of selena Hope u'll like them :P
Please like this bài viết if u think it's good ^^
These r some interesting facts about Selena

1. Selena met Demi Lovato when she starred in Barney and Friends!
2. She was born on the 22nd of July 1992!
3. She was born in Grand Prarie Texas!
4. She grew up with in Grand Prairie, Texas!
5. She is best Những người bạn with Taylor Swift!
6. She is in Wizards of Waverly Place! Which unfortunately ended...
7. She is going out with Justin Bieber
8. She won a KCA award!
9. She is a brunette!
10. She has five dogs!
11. She is an only child!
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posted by Girllover13
 My yêu thích song!!
My favorite song!!
Selena is one of my yêu thích celebrities. She is an AMAZING singer and actress. I like almost everyone of her songs. She is also the most gorgeous and most beautiful girl i have ever seen. Most guys think she is hot and sexy as well, but as a girl, i cant take sides on that one, but my brother is completely in tình yêu with her. She is also very nice and actually quite normal. Unlike other celebrities, she does not spend her time trying to hiển thị off her body, but rather spends it having a good time! This i think is one the reason that i like her so much. She does not believe that she has to dress and scantily as possible and then hiển thị it off to everyone like some người nổi tiếng do. tình yêu Selena Gomez!!!
 Incredibly beautiful!!!
Incredibly beautiful!!!
Selena Gomez is absolutely stunning at age 18, and while bạn may think that she is particular about her makeup, the truth is that she doesn't mind going natural! That's not really a typical 18-year-old outlook now is it?

"Obviously I wouldn't go to an event without any make-up on. But I don't actually mind photographers taking pictures of me when I haven't got any on, either," the Disney ngôi sao said. Obviously she is very young, and she doesn't have to worry about the wrinkles and baggy eyes that older folks experience!

Gomez is naturally pretty anyway, so it's really not surprising that she doesn't...
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posted by superDivya
Tell 'em that is my birthday (x3)
When I party like that
Every night's my birthday
They don't know, so it's okay
Tell 'em that it's my birthday
When I party like that

(Jazz it up) x2

Happy as can be
Falling into you, falling into me (so yummy)
How do bạn do, come and meet the queen, cake and cream
Blow your dreams, blow your dreams, blow your dreams away with me
Blow your dreams, blow your dreams, blow your dreams away with me
So yummy

Tell 'em that is my birthday (x3)
When I party like that
Every night's my birthday
They don't know, so it's okay
Tell 'em that it's my birthday
When I party like that

(Jazz it...
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posted by Selena_01
"Naturally" is a song bởi American band Selena Gomez & the Scene from their 2009 debut album, Kiss & Tell. It was written bởi Antonina Armato, Tim James, and Devrim Karaoglu. It serves as the album's một giây single in the United States and Canada, and the lead single in international markets. The song is an up-tempo electropop song in which the lead singer sings about someone who is her perfect fit.[2] The song officially impacted U.S. mainstream radio on January 19, 2010.[3]

"Naturally" is the band's highest charting song to date, charting in the hàng đầu, đầu trang twenty in multiple countries, and at...
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Selena is an great role model to everyone on earth.We have seen a lot of celebrity has Mất tích their way,but Selena is a kind person and she care about every single person.She does not go for things like drugs,ahcohol,smoke and alot more.She is also an beautiful,talented and she keep Những người bạn and family first.She is like the air in the sky and the sunlight tat light up the sky,she makes everyone happy.She never let down her fans,friends and family.This world is a better place because of Selena Gomez!May God Bless U Selena Gomez :)
bức ảnh of Selena and Justin at the Wedding of Allison Kaye

bức ảnh of Selena and Justin at the Wedding of Allison Kaye

bức ảnh of Selena and Justin at the Wedding of Allison Kaye

bức ảnh of Selena and Justin at the Wedding of Allison Kaye
bức ảnh of Selena and Justin at the Wedding of Allison Kaye

bức ảnh of Selena and Justin at the Wedding of Allison KayePhoto of Selena and Justin at the Wedding of Allison KayePhoto of Selena and Justin at the Wedding of Allison KayePhoto of Selena and Justin at the Wedding of Allison Kaye
 Justin And Selena At The Miami bờ biển, bãi biển
Justin And Selena At The Miami beach
It looks like rumors the two teen stars are dating may be true after they are snapped walking around Miami together!

Justin Bieber and Selana Gomez have denied they are anything thêm than friends, but các bức ảnh of the two spending time alone again seem to hiển thị otherwise! The pop ngôi sao pair was spotted taking a stroll around Miami bờ biển, bãi biển Dec. 18, but quickly fled back to their hotel when they saw a swarm of paparazzi waiting for them on the beach!

It seems like these two may be trying to avoid photographers to keep their possible relationship under wraps!

A nguồn close to Justin told
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Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, together again? Well, it seems they were for a couple of hours Friday morning in Texas.
Just days after Bieber đã đăng an Oscar-night bức ảnh of ex-girlfriend Gomez on Instagram, captioning it "Most elegant princess in the world," the two were caught on camera leaving a perfume store in downtown McAllen, Texas.
That after hitting up a Starbucks and Don Pepe's Mexican restaurant, where according to south Texas newspaper the Monitor they spent $153.04 on breakfast — including $64 worth of tip. The "Baby" singer reportedly traveled with four bodyguards in tow.

The Biebs...
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posted by maritina12345

The song called "Bang, Bang, Bang" will come out the 7th of June a few weeks before Sel's CD comes out.

For the cover of "Bang, Bang, Bang" Sel went for a look that is very 1960's. hoa earrings, long curly hair, and super high, platform style heels.

June is going to be a good tháng if bạn are a Sel, người hâm mộ because after “Bang, Bang, Bang” , “Dices” will come out on the 14th of June, the Spanish version of the song “Who Says”.

And on the 21st we'll be able to hear“Love bạn Like a tình yêu Song”, the controversial song Sel used màu hồng, hồng ngựa in..... And of course, on the 28th the CD will come out in its entirety. We can't wait!
posted by sweet_swetly
selena gomez:
selena marie gomez(born july 22,1992)she is an american actor and singer best known 4 her portrayal alex russo on Disney channel.wizards of waverly place, she has starred in the ti vi phim chiếu rạp , another Lọ lem story and pPp .
her bff demi lovato.every one know.
befor Disney she had one of the kid roles on barney and Những người bạn , in 2008 she singed a record deal with hollywood records and contributeed 2 the tinker chuông, bell , another Lọ lem story and wizards soundtracks , her band selena gomez and the scene relesed thier debut studio album Kiss and tell on september 29 ,2009.
i wish u enjoy hiển thị me tiếp theo time i will get 4 u everything about selena .thanks.
posted by unaiza
Even though she’s busy diễn xuất and hát her tim, trái tim out, this adorable starlet always makes time for charity: Selena was the youngest ambassador for UNICEF when she started in 2009.
She is named after the famous Tejano singer Selena, there must be something to this name!
She has four chó at home, one of which she adopted from a shelter—Chip!
Selena has recently been rumoured to be dating another teen superstar: Justin Bieber! The two spotted smooching and cuddling just around the new year—but nothing is official yet, these two tình yêu birds are keeping it quiet for now and not blabbing to...
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