Scarlett Johansson MEDIA ALERT: Scarlett Johansson in GHOST WORLD launching on FilmBuff this weekend!

FilmBuff posted on Oct 30, 2009 at 10:01PM
GHOST WORLD launching on FilmBuff this weekend!

Friends, we're happy to share the news that Terry Zwigoff's Oscar-nominated comedy, GHOST WORLD, will be premiering on your local Movies On Demand channel starting Thursday night, October 29! Scarlett Johansson, Thora Birch, and Steve Buscemi star in this acclaimed adaptation of the cult classic graphic novel, about two recent high school graduates who navigate their mundane and eccentric small town. Easily one of the most acclaimed American films of the last decade, we're proud to bring GHOST WORLD to audiences through cable video-on-demand. The film also features Teri Garr, Illeana Douglas, Brad Renfro, and Bob Balaban.

"I wanted to hug this movie. It takes such a risky journey and never steps wrong." - Roger Ebert

"Let the unsettling secrets of this outrageously funny and steadily engrossing meditation on the life of two high school misfits after graduation catch you by surprise. It's that good." - Peter Travers, Rolling Stone


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