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Ross loves Rachel:

Ross first fell for Rachel when she was a high school friend of Monica. But she thought he was geeky, which he was really, with his stupid moustache and his "music", (which resurfaces in episode ??). On prom night Rachel's ngày Chip did not hiển thị up at first, and Jack Geller convinced his son, (who showed his feelings for Rachel when fumbling with her dress) to take her instead. Ross was all ready, with a tuxedo and a bunch of flowers, when Chip showed up and left with Rachel.

In episode 1.1 Rachel once again enters Ross's life after leaving her fiance...
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Reasons why we tình yêu Ross and Rachel <3

Because they're lobsters.
Because he's been in tình yêu with her since the 9th grade.
Because he was going to drink the fat
Because with them, it's never off the table.
Because she got off the plane.
Because he means thêm to her.
Because he let her win the poker game.
Because he đã đưa ý kiến "Rachel".
Because they got married in Vegas.
Because he wanted to take her to the prom
Because they made tình yêu 300 times
Because he can't imagine his life without her
Because she thought they would be on again
Because they were worth the wait
Because they are cuddly sleepers
Because he's...
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This poem could be about any romantic affair. But it isn't; it is a suble tribute to Ross Gellar and Rachel Green, one of TV's most memorable couples. If bạn don't know the background of FRIENDS, then sure, it sounds like a hopeless romantic's attempt to make people believe in the power of love. However, R&R were my inspiration for nghề viết văn this. Even though they aren't directly mentioned in the poem, their relationship throughout the series tells the classic tale of "love and loss, then tình yêu again." And that theme is what I tried to capture in these following lines. Thanks to Jennifer Aniston...
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 tình yêu me as bạn did today.....
Love me as you did today.....
I tình yêu you.

Ever since the beginning, i knew i loved bạn so.
Now that i am with you, i don't want to let bạn go.

If i ever Mất tích bạn i don't know what i'd do.
Just like we need the air, its the same as i need you.

I know how much i tình yêu bạn and its something i can do.
I do not know how to explain that i tình yêu bạn but its something i can prove.

I never left your side, for we were always best friends.
I will never leave you, until this journey ends.

All that we have been through is basically a sign,
I know that i tình yêu bạn and that i can call bạn mine.

Just as i đã đưa ý kiến before i knew i loved bạn so,
and now until forever i will never let bạn go.
 and tình yêu me as bạn will tomorrow.....
and love me as you will tomorrow.....