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I don't know about any of bạn who may read this, but I want to know about Moka's family. Judging from Moka-sama(when I say -sama I ALWAYS mean inner Moka) and her sister's that we have been introduced to, Kokoa and Karua, their family life MUST be a little...different. The one I'm dieing to know about is the last sister, the eldest. The sisters seem to grow extremely thêm powerful from the youngest to oldest. I'm practically jumping out of my ghế, chỗ ngồi to know the last. I don't know if anyone for sure knows her name hoặc what she looks like but I'm been đọc fanfictions about R+V and found one...
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Shes nothing like a girl you've ever seen before
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"Dancing in the velvet moon" bởi Nana Mizuki
rosario + vampire
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 manga cover one
manga cover one
Tsukune's dad found a filer to yokai academy that a mysterious priest dropped.
Tsukune then meets the weird bus driver who warns Tsukune yokai academy is a scary school and to be careful.
He then gets a call from his cousin (who calls him Tsukki) who happened to research the school however their phone call shuts off as they enter a tunnel.
The other side is like a different where cell phones do not work.
He continues to head for the school to be frightened bởi a bat (who is also the narrator).
continueing down the path he gets hit bởi a vampire girl on her bike (Akashiya Moka)
He accidently makes...
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bạn know I used to think something different. Before that I watched only anime and thought that´s the best, but then I noticed some các bình luận that manga is good as well. I had to force me to read that... I´ve read that all in one week and finished it today 3.10.2014 Believe me hoặc not....but manga is much better...of course manga has thêm place for story and thêm little stories...but bạn know bạn can see there the progress in relationships, emotions, battles etc. etc.
anime has still place in my tim, trái tim but it´s just a cheap small version of ROSARIO+VAMPIRE...A lot of people could say stupid...
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