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Rock Lee And Neji Hyuga Happen To Be Best Những người bạn Forever!(They Sometimes Fight.)(Bff's)They Are Also On The Same Squad With TenTen And Guy(It's Rumored Neji And TenTen tình yêu Eachother)! In Shippuden They Get Stronger And Neji Becomes A Jonin And Lee's A Chunin! Although, We Never See None Of Them Most Of The Time......(You Hear That Masashi Kishimoto Put *More Of Lee&Neji* In Shippuden! It's Also Rumored That Lee&Neji tình yêu Eachother Too)! Anyway, They're Kind Of Opposite In A Way(Lee's Youthful And Neji's Not.They Make A Formidible Team And Most People Can't Beat Them...........................Bye Everyone!