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posted by Diebrox
I built a million pleasing armies at link, a good building universe

After submitting your link, we will check it. Once we validate it, your link will have a green biểu tượng tiếp theo to it. Please check out Builderman's Help Page for what all the different status các biểu tượng mean.

You can only get credit for one link per domain per ROBLOX user. For example, bạn can't get credit for two đường dẫn whose url starts with

Please note that we can only find đường dẫn on pages available to the general public. For example, if bạn post your link to your Facebook profile, we will not be able to find it,...
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posted by Oreoboy1996
link. Check out link!

Roblox is a massive online building game. Its fun and great for all ages. bạn can earn tickets and robux to buy cool stuff for your character too. There are tons of games to play too. bạn can even make your own!

Roblox is a massive online building game. Check it out! Roblox is a massive online building game. Check it out! Roblox is a massive online building game. Check it out!
posted by strangeperson
ROBLOX Ambassador Program tutorial!

About the ambassador program:
Ok, the ambassador program is a really cool way to quảng cáo ROBLOX to your hoặc another person’s website hoặc either personal trang chủ pages, blogs, and profiles. bạn are awarded two tickets for each successful ‘link’ that bạn make and if bạn make 50, there is an added ticket prize! The whole idea of the ROBLOX ambassador program is to help us get the word out about ROBLOX and help other gamers like bạn find ROBLOX! A bigger community means thêm players visiting places,...
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