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posted by angelgirl00019
 this is the pic that went with the story
this is the pic that went with the story
Mikuo x Rin - Future Tearsby =midooorikun

Fan Art / Digital Art / Drawings / Miscellaneous

©2010-2012 =midooorikun


This is based from a day-dream I once had. Read the story while listening to 'Proof of Life' bởi Kagamine Rin. ([link] but this is Wotamin and Valshe singing)

P.S.: Somethings aren't real. The children, the pairings, and the story isn't real. I only made it.

Mikuo asked Rin to marry her. Rin hesitated at first, because she had tình yêu another one, a blue-haired man who's in tình yêu with someone else. Realizing that, Rin đã đưa ý kiến yes with happy tears. The ngày of their marriage was...
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