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Sweetie bạn are a joy to me and your father, we couldn't think of our lives with-out you,as your mother i had to sacrifice all of my engery to bring bạn into this world, jacob was there and so was your father, no-matter what people say a bout you, bạn need to remember that your family care and love, bạn with all of our hearts, and that night when your father found out that jacob had imprinted on bạn he was so angry and i was too, for having him to that to you, we wanted to protect bạn in so many ways,

You see before bạn were ever born me and jake had a friendship that he thought would...
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Note both chapter 8 and 9 are happening at the same time!!!!

Alec's POV

That Vicky girl is annoying me,so lets give her a dose of my power

"I cant see anything"Vicky screamed,no sense's,No hearing,You can talk and walk around but there's really nothing bạn can do

"Leave hoặc Ill do it to all of bạn and Jasper will behead all of you"I said

"This will not be the last of us"Aro đã đưa ý kiến turning to leave

"Yes it will"Maggie đã đưa ý kiến and ran to him,I tried to stop her but she was to fast

"Maggie"I hissed at her

She ran up to him,with me following her,she got right in his face

"Stop trying to find ways to kill my...
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