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"Ugh! I hate raking!" Rigby groaned as he picked up a rake and started scraping up leaves.
"Dude, we have to do it," Mordecai reasoned, raking his leaves into a fairly small pile. It was the beginning of fall, and the jobs got harder and harder, including raking the leaves. "Benson told us to, and i'm not gonna let him tell us we're slackers!"
"But why can't he do it himself?" Rigby rudely asked, adding to the small leaf pile. "If we're slackers, then he's a huge slacker." Rigby still complained. Mordecai glared at him, and then started raking again.
Soon enough, the pile was big enough to...
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SAM MARIN SINGS FOOTLOOSE AT COMIC CON 2011!! warning: your lungs may be at risk of laughing too hard while watching this video