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this is a Youtube poop of the episode prank callers.I don't make this.
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I got this idea during one the montages of the show. I'm curious on what band the two would like, hoặc just what each of them like? Like it seems they both enjoy rock, but just as well enjoy rap and pop songs.

From what I've seen of the show, Rigby seems to have a bad taste in music. like with that episode with party Pete, and the living in summer time episode. I'm not sure about Mordecai, though if i had to guess he's thêm of a rock guy hoặc thêm accurately indie rock.

I honestly cant think of any bands off the hàng đầu, đầu trang of my head, but if bạn guys have any of a band they would be into, don't be afraid to throw a name out there.
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