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***Setting : In morgan and Rin's Room***

Benson : *walks in the hallway and sees Rin not enjoying the room and morgan aweing over it*
Rin : Pink?? Really??
Benson : Hey, I tried my best decorating!
Rin : *mutters* That's sad....
Benson : Now bạn two need to meet the other employees. Oh, and if bạn see a bluejay and/or a racoon slacking, tell them Benson đã đưa ý kiến to di chuyển their butts hoặc their FIRED!
Morgan : Um, okay?
*Morgan and Rin walk out of their room and walk and talk*

***Setting : The Park at Noon***

Morgan : Rin, I think who we're gonna yell at is our true loves!
Rin : Hey, I never đã đưa ý kiến I wanted to...
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xin chào Mordecai. Guess what! Uhhh. The last time we played this game bạn said----no its not that! Rigby interupts him. Well then what? Okay. Margaret đã đưa ý kiến something bạn wouldnt believe. Mordecai gets suprised. Really? About what? Well its something about bạn Mordecai! Mordecai gets anxious. Well dont leave me hanging! What is it? Okay.I was in here at 4:30 at taco tuesday. bởi the way great deals! Oh! I heard Margaret and Eileen talking. Margaret was talking about how awesome bạn are and- really? Mordecai! Quit interupting me! Now where was I? Oh yeah! When I heard them talking I walked over there...
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