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Its the ngày of the Dance and bạn wake up actually feeling excited. Even though bạn had no one to go with, bạn kind of got over the whole thing with Ray. You’ve realized that he doesnt feel the same way about bạn and bạn have to di chuyển on….even though bạn dont want to. As time passes, bạn begin to get dressed. bạn curled and flat ironed your hair, put on a strap-less navy blue dress with silver heels. After you’ve finished getting dressed, bạn met up with the boys in front of Rocs house.
Prod: xin chào YN. *hugs you* bạn look really pretty.
Roc, Prince: Yea, bạn do. :)
YN: Awee thanks guys. *smiles*...
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Oh and this is what my bro Kyle look like:
(Yeah her brotha is Ace Primo)

Next Morning----

Mm I was in a excellent dream. It was at the part where this very muscular boy was feeding me grapes, another was massaging my feet, there was another one massaging my temples. They were really cute. It was gettin good until the one that was massaging my temples leaned down and was about to Kiss me..but I had a rude awakening..literally!! I felt something cover my nose and it was smelly. Aw....AW HELL NAW SOMEONE THROUGH THEIR DIRTY bít tất, sock ON ME FACE. I shot up, ready to go off. Low and behold, the culprit...
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