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posted by ravenfan247
Well i know there are multiple teen titan clubs, but there just wasn't enough of emphasis on the coolest member. So i made Raven's người hâm mộ club, although, to date, there hasn't been a lot of activity... But i trust in raven's những người hâm mộ to pull this club thru. so anyways that's all i wanted to say. i know that there are a lot of fan's and i need your support if this site is going to stay active. if this site fails I will remake it, and continue doing so until it suceeds. I have no Những người bạn to ask, so i'm asking you, the fans, please help me keep Raven's site up.

Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos!
This is some of Raven's funniest lines.Comment if I make a mistake. Enjoy.
------------------------------------------ Beast boy:So, my fellow đi văng potatoes, which movie do bạn want to watch: Ninja Showdown 8, hoặc The Attack of the Protozoids?
Raven(sarcasticlly): Gee, they sound sssoooo good.
Cyborg:Yeah, it's so hard to choose. Wanna watch em' both?
Raven(sarcasticlly): Here, doggie, here doggie.
(dog hops onto Raven and starts licking her.)
Starfire:Where are bạn Raven?
Raven(as a bunny): Up here.
Beast Boy: Um, why does that bunny sound...
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