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Sam was in her room listening to her "Victorious"CD.
"And one day!I'll have bạn begging on your knees for me!Ya one day!I'll have bạn crawling like a centipede."Sam Sung."KEEP IT DOWN!!!"Aaron yelled.
"So oh mister player,do bạn feel like the man now?And I bet your nervous,'cause this song makes bạn freak out."Sam whispered."SAM!YOUR FRIEND CHLOE IS HERE!"Mom yelled."Coming!!"Sam ran to the door.
"Hey Chloe whats" "Shut up,shut up for just a minute!Look at this!"Chloe interrupted."Hello to bạn too?"Sam said."Go to your room!My mom showed me the giáng sinh gifts they'll have at school!"Chloe told Sam."Cool!"Sam đã đưa ý kiến as they went in her bedroom."Look!A backscratching machine!A TON OF CD!"
Chloe said."OH!Look!A cá heo necklace!!!!My mom would tình yêu this!!!!"Sam said."Oh!Sorry Sam,but...A thousand of orders of those are online!My mom saw,she is a teacher."Chloe said."I don't care!I'm gonna get that chuỗi hạt, chuỗi hạt cườm even if it killed me!"Sam said."Well good luck!"Chloe said."Just imagine,My mom opening the box,seeing the necklace,Her face!"Sam said."Wow!You're really into this!"Chloe said
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posted by misscrazel
I watched a deer bound through the trees. I was about to turn and leave when I saw somone, hoặc something crouching in the bushes. I walked a bit closer. He looked like a teenager but he wasn't much bigger then me. He had long blond hair and bright big blue eyes. Then I saw something odd. His ears were pointed. And they weren't just slightly pointed. Like an elf's. I stepped closer and he darted away through the trees. 
I chased after him barley keeping up. Once I Mất tích him but then I saw a flash of his blond hair. Just when I was tiring he abruptly stopped. I would've bumped into him...
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The clock strikes ten
Out on the streets again
I been looking for something to please me since I don't know when
Out on the dark side of town
Another rumble's gone down
And life on the high side isn't what this boy’s about

She's got something I want man, it's something I need
It takes thêm than a night to satisfy me

I stand accused
I can always run to you
Any road that bạn choose
I can always run to you
I stand accused
I can always run to you
I run to you
Baby, I can always run

To a tim, trái tim of chrome
And a soul of steel
We've done thêm white lines than you'll know any one we could steal
And when I give her the...
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Now that you're gone, I can see
What was going on and how bạn lied
When bạn đã đưa ý kiến you'd never tình yêu again

Your Những người bạn telephone and they say
You weren't out alone last night
Can bạn see that this broken tim, trái tim is killing me

Another night is falling
And now my tim, trái tim is calling bạn back to me

Come back, 'cause I need your love
Back, got to have your love
Come back, bring your loving back to me

Come back, 'cause it's been so long
Back, and I can't go on
Come back, bring your loving back to me

You play with words, play with love
Always just your silly way
I'm a fool for I need bạn bởi my side again

Now it's too late...
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posted by randomgirl3000
I feel your hands in my hair.
I feel your breath on my neck.
I feel your body pressed so close to mine.
I feel your lips on my throat.
I feel your hands di chuyển to my back and your lips work their way up to mine.
I feel bạn and I tình yêu it.

I hear bạn say bạn tình yêu me.
I hear bạn whisper my name.
I hear bạn tell me I'm the only one for you.
I hear your breath in my ear.
I hear your soft snores as I fall asleep.
I hear bạn and I tình yêu it.

I see bạn as I run into your arms.
I see your face break through my world of darkness.
I see bạn fight away my fears.
I see bạn wipe away my tears.
I see you're in tình yêu with me.
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when a girl is quiet a million things are running thru her mind.
when a girl is not arguing she is thinking deeply.
when a girl looks at bạn with wondering eyes she is wondering how long bạn will be around.
when a girl says 'im fine' after a few giây she is not okay.
when a girl stares at bạn she is wondering why you're lying.
when a girl rests her head on your chest she wants bạn to be her's forever.
when a girl wants to see bạn everyday she wants to be pampered.
when a girl says 'i tình yêu you' she means it.
when a girl says 'i miss you' no one misses bạn more.
life only comes around once so make...
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posted by snakemanfan
... hmmm
ill go dig a hole and jump in it
hoặc will i =3=
trololololol =3=
derp de derp derp derp de derp =3=
and ze vorld vill never know =3= Dr Albert Wily
.... Dr Thomas light ................
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