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I am new to this web site and I have numerous cầu vồng Brite búp bê plus a cầu vồng brite toy box and cầu vồng Brite herself. They are from the early 80's and I want to find someone who is interested in purchasing them . These have been in our attic for 20 years. They are in like new condition. We also had the complete phòng bếp, nhà bếp set, and I was tim, trái tim sick when we sold it. I'm sure someone out there would tình yêu to have these toy's. Please contact me at mctm1000@aol.com to coment hoặc to ask questions. The toybox itself is very nice. It's a ghế, chỗ ngồi also. and very colorful. I also have dâu, dâu tây short cake sheets and other collectables. Would tình yêu to hear from anyone who loved these toy's.
posted by RainbowBriteUk
Here in cầu vồng Land, we like to keep others creative, and we want bạn to create a picture to be featured here on the website as well as win a prize!

Here is how it works:
go to link.
Select the "Games and Activities" section and go to the Coloring Book.
Select: cầu vồng Brite.
Print your own page and decorate it!

You are welcome to color your picture with any way bạn like, including but not limited to: Crayons, markers, ink pens, digital/photoshop, etc

After bạn are finished decorating your picture, email us the finished image, hoặc mail it to us (address available in the official rules linked...
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