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Hey!! Hope bạn guys enjoy, this is my first QP fic!!! I just had the most spectacular dream about them and wanted to write about it, and I hurried a little because I just realized that Quinn is going to give birth tiếp theo week! EEK! So I hope bạn enjoy this story!!!
Disclaimer: I do not own Glee. If I did, the storyline would continue off the others, they wouldn't focus on Rachel so much, and the hiển thị would di chuyển a bit thêm slower than it does now.

Note: I dreamed this before Quinn moved in with Mercedes, but I added that in anyway. Also, I'm sorry if they're OOC, hoặc if something does not make sense,...
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 Quick was featured in the promos.
Quick was featured in the promos.
Quinn and Puck have been SERIOUSLY lacking this entire season. For whatever reason, my and many others OTP has been basically dropped from the series, for reasons no one has đã bình luận on. The only person who has - sort of - đã bình luận on Quinn and Puck is Mark Salling, who tweeted a while cách đây about their baby Beth's birthday, which gave a few of us some hope.

However, there have been moments, whether the writers meant to put them in hoặc Dianna and Mark have been sneaking them in. The moments were very short but they were there. I am here to point out those moments, however sparse they were.

I have...
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