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 Example of a Rorschach Ink Blot
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This Psychology bức ảnh might contain brownstone, đá nâu, đường phố, cảnh thành phố, bối cảnh đô thị, khu đô thị, thiết lập các đường phố, thành phố cảnh, anime, truyện tranh, phim hoạt hình, and manga.

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gần đây studies buttress the unpalatable truth that falling in tình yêu is, in some ways, indistinguishable from a severe pathology. Behavior changes are reminiscent of psychosis and, biochemically speaking, passionate tình yêu closely imitates substance abuse. Appearing in the BBC series Body Hits on December 4, Dr. John Marsden, the head of the British National Addiction Center, đã đưa ý kiến that tình yêu is addictive, akin to cocaine and speed. Sex is a "booby trap", intended to bind the partners long enough to bond.

Using functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI), Andreas Bartels and Semir Zeki of University...
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Today, why not made a personal commitment to be happy, in spite of what life hands over to you. bạn have to admit that there are too many things over which bạn have no control. The only thing bạn can do is to stop allowing them to make dents in your spirit.

Happiness is not something that others can take from you. It's something that bạn would have to throw away on your own.

There will be times when things don't turn out the way bạn want them to. Your best friend at work may turn out to be a power-hungry corporate animal that backstabs bạn at every opportunity. The promotion bạn worked so hard...
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New Research Indicates that Antidepressants May Not Be Significantly thêm Effective Than Placebo.
During the past couple of decades, drugs from the class of antidepressants called SSRIs, as well as newer drugs with novel modes of action, have been được trao credit for helping many people reclaim their lives from the devastating grips of depression. These drugs have also been responsible for making their manufacturers very wealthy. But, what if these drugs don't really provide significant relief for depression at all? What if the placebo effect is responsible for most of their effectiveness?

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If you've ever been around someone who is persistently miserable you'll find that they have a working strategy for making their experience unpleasant for themselves.

This bài viết will give a few explanations why they use a strategy that makes them miserable, how that process works, and if this describes you, why bạn might want to change. It will also describe what you'll have to sacrifice if bạn no longer want to be miserable.

Also, if the benefits of being miserable are enough you'll learn how to continue to make choices and decisions that contribute to your misery.

The Benefits of Misery....
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I. Exposition

In the movie "Shattered" (1991), Dan Merrick survives an accident and develops total amnesia regarding his past. His battered face is reconstructed bởi plastic surgeons and, with the help of his loving wife, he gradually recovers his will to live. But he never develops a proper sense of identity. It is as though he is constantly ill at ease in his own body. As the plot unravels, Dan is led to believe that he may have murdered his wife's lover, Jack. This thriller offers additional twists and turns but, throughout it all, we face this question:

Dan has no recollection of being Dan....
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David R. Hamilton, Ph.D.
2010 – 263 pages

The connection between your mind and body is close, dynamic, and often a valuable tool in taking control of your life and ambitions. The power of thought can transform bạn in profound ways, particularly in regards to its truly incredible effect on your health. These topics are examined in detail within these pages.

This fascinating book bởi cutting-edge scientist David R. Hamilton explores the influences of visualization, belief, and positive thinking – and their impact on the body. He also presents a revolutionary quantum-field healing meditation – through which bạn can change yourself on an atomic level – and shows how bạn can use your imagination and thought processes to combat disease, pain, and illness.

bạn will see how science and belief system merge … so that bạn can heal yourself thêm effectively than ever before!

Norman Doidge, m.d.
2007 – 427 pages

The discovery that our thoughts can change the structure and function of our brains – even into old age – is the most important breakthrough in neuroscience in four centuries. In this revolutionary look at the brain, bestselling author, psychiatrist, and psychoanalyst Norman Doidge, M.D., introduces both the brilliant scientists championing this new science of neuroplasticity and the astonishing progress of the people whose lives they’ve transformed

Introducing principles we canal use as well as a riveting collection of case histories – stroke patients...
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How Do Microexpressions Factor Into Hollywood Career Decisions? bởi Zack Ward via link For thêm videos, please visit link
facial expression
human interactions
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With the end of the Cold War, the threat of a world nuclear war has diminished considerably. It may be hard to imagine that in the end, comedians may be exploiting the humor in the fact that it wasn't nuclear warheads, but "French fries" that annihilated the human race, when considering that thực phẩm addictions and their related diseases now afflict thêm people globally than malnutrition. The behavioral addiction disorders (e.g., thực phẩm addictions, pathological gambling, and other obsessively-compulsive behavioral-patterns to religion, and/ hoặc sex / pornography, etc.) are just as damaging, psychologically...
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This is a very strange but true story. Not everyone believes in ghosts but I do and I have had several experiences with the super natural, this is only one of my encounters.

This happened when I was only (8) eight years old.

My bus driver's wife had a kitten and she wanted to get rid of it so she offered it to me first and of course I took the female kitten from her. Now this was the first cat that I can remember owning, she was a black and white cat and for some reason I gave her the name Dozier. She was a very sweet cat and she truly was mine because she was every where that I was.

Now we had...
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Hospice patients come to our care after being cut, burned, and poisoned. Surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation treatment are the normative methods of care for most of the patients who enter a life-threatening disease. Hospital staff members are trained to be aggressive about curative care.

Hospice care is a phase of care whereby aggressive treatment is no longer appropriate. Palliative care becomes the norm. Patients have been probed physically, mentally, and emotionally. In many ways, patients may be reluctant to any type of care beyond the experiences that led to his/her doctor sharing that...
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(original title: Essere Gentile) bởi Piero Ferrucci, Vivien Reid Ferrucci (Translator)
2008, 306 pages

A book to read as a soul provider – if bạn are in a state of confusion, conflict, in quest of wisdom hoặc in reach for soul comfort – hoặc all…

A leading transpersonal psychologist reveals the unexpected secret to a happy life: behaving with kindness.

Piero Ferrucci calls it "global cooling," a phenomenon of chilly human relations. Communications are hurried and impersonal. The drive for profit and wealth has become a cherished value. And warmth and genuine presence have all but dissolved into...
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It's Taboo To Talk About Depression bởi Katherine Brooks - filmmaker of the doc FACE 2 FACE.
katherine brooks
12 step program
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Overcoming Your Upper Problem bởi Ronna Prince of Sacred Journey of the tim, trái tim (a documentary about healing).
sacred journey of the tim, trái tim
ronna prince