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This Princeton (Mindless Behavior) bức ảnh contains anime, truyện tranh, phim hoạt hình, and manga. There might also be cửa sổ kính màu.

posted by 1girl822
Do bạn think that the band misfits is the only band that Princeton likes? Well it is. Princeton loves misfits and every since I heard thier âm nhạc and if bạn hear it thêm then once and you'll feel like Princeton. They are kinda hardcore. Its like hearing a women screaming at her husband. this is my opinion so don't judge me. If think I am lying hear thier âm nhạc and Princeton đã đưa ý kiến he likes a rock and roll girl so bạn should probably listen to thier âm nhạc Misfits. Did bạn also know that Willow Smith likes Misfits too? well I knew.
posted by avanzant12
So last we left of we found out that jacob and alexis was expecing a bby.

We r at hme chillin and watch tv

mhe jacob i am glad we r haveing a bby
Jacob yea i know rubbon my belly
mhe smileing
jacob blow own my belly lool
mhe laugh me that tickels
Jacob lol

So i call my momma and daddy to tell them the good news and other thing :-). .calll..... .ring ring...
me hello
momma hi
me how bạn been
momma fine how bout u
me good and i got sme good new 4 you
momma wat
Me bạn gna be a granny lol
momma aww yea who the baby daddy cus i dnt wanna see bạn own maury lool
me yea i know who is my baby daddy lol
Momma who...
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posted by avanzant12
So last we left off every body was getting freak and everything . So now it the tiếp theo ngày and every body laying in the giường cuddleing and stuff.

Lizzy cá đuối, ray thât was amazing last night
ray yea i know i put my lil friend randy two work last night lol
lizzy yea plus this was my frist tyme and that was pretty good for rookie (lay in his chess)
ray rookie my butt i am the best lol
Lizzy i had better lol
ray and who is that ?
Lizzy bạn Kiss hym
Ray girl bạn is cra cra
.............lizzy houes.............

Mhe bby did bạn have fun last night ?
Jacob yea i had lot of fun
Mhe baby was i thrunk last night
Jacob yea...
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Source: @QStarrDaze
Nina's P.O.V: I go to school everyday get straight A's , I have a few Những người bạn because I'm not the most được ưa chuộng girl in the school and I'm very nice to people. But this boy in my school always bullies me for no damn reason. His name is Jacob Perez and all the girls in my school go crazy for him. But I don't know why he's nothing but a big đít, mông, ass bully!

S.S teacher: Class bạn will be doing a research paper with a partner this marking period about how America was discovered

Class: *Cheers*

S.S teacher: Let me finish I will choose your partners

Class: Awwwwwww..........

S.S Teacher: Alright......Rayon...
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I hope bạn tình yêu this video & please put các bình luận & please no bad các bình luận & thank bạn & have a nice day!!!!!
offical video
Mindless Behavior
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posted by mb_rules
-Episode 10 "Beg For It"-

Me: (I dropped my cái ví, ví tiền and the glass then fell down)
Ray: Stand up.
Me: (I tried but fell straight back down) I-I feel (Coughs) s-sick..
Ray: I just drugged you. (Carries me over his shoulder up to my room)

//My Bedroom
Ray: (Laid me on the floor then took off my high-heels, chuỗi hạt, chuỗi hạt cườm and ring)
Me: (I was having a massive headache, my eyes felt as if it were burning, i was weak and the room felt as if it were spinning)
Ray: (Attempting to pull the dress off me then got a sweatpants and a áo sơ mi for me)

//So this was how I looked link
Me: (Groaning and looking around) MAKE THE...
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posted by mb_rules
 The start of Season 3
The start of Season 3
-HEEEEEYY!!! Everybody wanted me to do a 3rd Season, so here it is! *I will NOT do a 4th Season* Visit link if bạn want to know what the 3rd Season about-

//At School Walking to Lunch with Prince *I feel REALLY weird*
Me: Um, Jacob, what ngày is it?
Prince: January-
Me: Where do I live?
Prince: your mom's house...Kendra are bạn okay? It's like somebody knocked bạn out.
Me: Ima bout to knock somebody out. (Looking at the person walking towards us) *Dana*
Dana: xin chào guys! (Gets a lunch tray)
Me: (Hits it making it fall to the ground) I FCKING HATE YOU!!! (Screamed From the hàng đầu, đầu trang of my lungs)
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