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( full family at Police station including Kathrine)
Police: when was the last time bạn saw your sister?
Prince: after school i went into the bathroom then when i came out she was gone
Police: did bạn witness her abduction?
Prince: ( takes a deep breath) Yes...
Police: i know bạn dont want to talk about it but what happend?
Prince: well i saw a man wearing a leather áo khoác with a baseball hat and he dragged Paris into the Car i ran after them but they gained speed and got out of sight
police did bạn see the mans face?
Prince: No
Police: well your information will help us find your sister
Prince: please...
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Prince's POV:

"Where R U" I Texted Carlee "With 2 People Tht U Dnt Kno" Carlee Answered "Who R U With?" I Asked "My BF" Carlee Answered. Her BF? Doesn't That Stand For BOYFRIEND?! "Im Coming 2 Pick u Up, wher R U?" I texted "Look im visiting 2 Ppl that I love, Leave Me alone" Carlee Texted Back.

I Really Hoped That Carlee Was Okay, I Didn't Want Anything To Happen To Her, hoặc I Would NEVER Forgive Myself. Why Does My Life Have To Be So Complicated? Well, It's Mostly Carlee's Fault, Before She Started Coming Around I Was Perfectly Fine & Happy... Now Whenever I See Her *Cough* My..My Uh..My, My,My Dick Goes UP,UP,UP!

Fuck. Why Me?

"Look. I'm coming trang chủ right now. i'll be there in about 30 minutes. kay?" Carlee texted "Kay♥" I Answered

Why Me?
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