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jblovesme4ever posted on Jun 13, 2010 at 04:27AM
ever wish you back in time and undo your mistakes if only hadent drawn that clown face on the bratz doll your best friend got for her eghith birthday she wouldnt have dropped you for the new girl from bosten and back in ninth grade you would have never skipped soccar practice to hit the beach if you known the coach would have benced you for the rest of the sesen if only youwouldnt have made those bad choices maybe your ex bff would have given you that exra ticket to marc jacobs fashion show or maybe you would be playing goalie for the nation womans team by now with a nick modeling contract a beach house in nice you could be jet skiing around the meterian instead of sitting in geogary class trying to find it in rosewood fantisisy about reversing fate are as comon as girls reciving tiffany heart pendents for there 13th birthday and 4 former best friends would do any thing to travel back in time and make things right but what if they really could go back would they beable to keep there 5th bff alive or isn there tragitty part of there destiny somtimes the past holdes more qustions than answers and in rosewood nothing is as it seems

shes going to be so pshched when i tell her spencer hastings said to he best friends hannah martin,emily fields aria mongomery. she straintend her seagreen eylet tshirtand pressed alison dilaurentis door bell why do you get to tell her hannah asked as she hopped to the porch step to the sidwalk and back again ever since there 5th best friend told hannah that only figety girls stayed thin hannah had been making a llot of extra movment maybe we all should tell he at the same time aria suggested scrching the temorery dragonfly tattoo she pasted on her collar bone that would be fun emily pushed her blunt reddish blond cut behind her ears we could ddo a choragrahed dance and say tada at the end no way sqaured her shoulders its my barn i get to tell her she wrong the dilauretis doorbell again as they waited they listend to the landscapers prunting spencers heges and the towk thowk of the fairfiels twins playing tenis on there back yard court 2 yards down the air smelled like lillacs and mown grass and negregeena sunscreen it waz typical roosewood every movent waz preety thatand imcluded sound smeells and inhabitation the girls had liven in roosewood nearly there hole life and they felt lucky to be part of such a special place

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