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posted by paloma97ppb
Actress Troian Bellisario recently sat down with Interview Magazine to chat about her role on ABC’s hit series Pretty Little Liars. Troian chatted about meeting the cast, how her life has changed, and more! Check out some of the highlights below.

Will there be a lot thêm Spencer and Toby action this season?
Yeah! I don’t really know where they’re headed, because I feel like the whole purpose of living in such a twisted place, and setting on a TV hiển thị in such a dark place as Rosewood, is that nothing good can last for long. They seem to be doing really well. I’m so interested in the way...
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posted by ChuckQueenB
Last day, i was watching last năm eurovision's 3. song. "Always on my mind, always on my mheart..."
While i was listening it, i remember Emily, Toby's scenes first episodes. I really missed this couple!
Doesn't matter having a relationship. I miss his wadvices about Emily's swimming races or, about she's future. I missed their friendship so much. They were so responsible and trustworthy for each other that i had always wanted to have a friend like Toby, (look i'm saying friend.)
Some of Spencer&Toby những người hâm mộ can get angry because of talking about Emily&Toby.But, I'm not saying " Toby belongs to Emily" i cant say like that something...
I'am just saying i missed their looks, their words that they used for each other.Their friendship...

I hope we can see some scenes about a great Friendship hoặc something else ;)
“Season 2 is going to bring to the Ezria những người hâm mộ a shirtless Ezra Fitz,” teases King. “There’s a new character coming to Rosewood, a character who may discover the identity of ‘A’ and the season finale is going to be like nothing you’ve ever seen on the show. During that episode ‘A’ is going to bring the Pretty Little Liars to their knees.”

I can't wait to see it!!! ^^
I can't wait for the new season!!! ^^
I can't wait to see the new characters!!! ^^
I can't wait to see my girls again!!! ^^
I can't wait for summer!!! ^^
I can't wait for June 1!!! ^^
In 12 short weeks, Marlene King has created one of the most compulsively compelling small screen universes with “Pretty Little Liars” and now she’s pulling back the curtain on some of Rosewood’s most sensational secrets.

PopWrap sat down with the creator to get the inside scoop on Noel Kahn, the future of Ezria, Hannah’s tình yêu tam giác and when A’s true identity will be revealed! Hint: you’ll be waiting a loooooooong time for that one.

PopWrap: If we were judging solely from Twitter người hâm mộ reaction, it would seem like the stand-out so far this season has been Noel Kahn — did bạn expect...
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This is's overview of all the episode's in Season one og Pretty Little Liars!

The perfect little town of Rosewood holds thêm than its fair share of secrets, and for four estranged friends, Aria, Spencer, Hanna and Emily, their darkest ones are about to unravel.
A năm after their Queen Bee, Alison, goes missing, the girls begin receiving messages from "A", saying – and threatening – things only Alison would know. But it couldn't be Alison. Could it...?

The Jenna Thing
With Jenna's return to Rosewood, the girls are forced to face an unpleasant incident from their past that sealed...
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